Ethiopian Airline crash ! 1 Nigerian 32 Kenyans confirmed dead

Big war as Ethiopians and police fight in Johannesburg-watch video

Some suspected Zimbabwean and Mozambican nationals  on Sunday pelted police officers with rocks and other objects after a they raided and seized counterfeit goods in the Johannesburg inner city. A video that is circulating on social media shows the defiant protestors throwing objects at the […]


Dj zinhle boiled, after a stranger grabs her daughter at the mall

DJ Zinhle recently took to Twitter to open up about a creepy encounter her toddler, Kairo, had at a mall. According to Youth Village, the mom shared that when Kairo was at a mall, a stranger allegedly grabbed her. “Had a horrible experience at the […]

Ethiopian Airline crash: 1 Nigerian and 32 Kenyans confirmed dead.

The airline’s spokesperson confirmed one Nigerian and 32 Kenyans are among 157 victims who died in the crash – Among the deceased are 17 Ethiopians, eight Chinese among other nationalities. The aircraft crashed about six minutes after taking off and there have been no survivors […]