Check out the list of Men banned from attending men conference 2019

Celine dion comes out with no panties in paris couture week

Couture week is underway in Paris, where Celine Dion is putting on her own personal fashion show. The singer has stepped out in several memorable outfits, but may have worn her most iconic yet: an Off-White blazer and leotard with no pants. Temperatures have hit […]


Ciara speaks why she broke up with future

Ciara and Future got in engaged in October of 2013 and welcomed a baby boy several months later. By the end of 2014, they had broken up. Ciara spoke on what made her decide to pull the plug on the relationship during her appearance on Jada Pinkett Smith’s Red […]

Check out the list of men banned from attending men conference 2019.

Check Out The List Of Men Banned From Attending The Men’s Conference 2019. Trust South Africans to take things this far. The Men’s Conference is underway (on social media of course) and there are a few people who are not welcome at this prestigious event. […]