Cardi B say celebs get paid to say they have coronavirus infection, strangely,fans agreed.

Rapper Cardi B has a conspiracy theory. She feels that celebrities who have said that they tested positive for COVID-19 are all paid. In a recent Instagram Live post, the Bodak Yellow hitmaker said that some of the celebrities who have tested COVID-19 positive have shown no symptoms, reports

While many people have claimed that COVID-19 testing is available only to the rich, the rapper thinks all these celebrities are actually being paid for getting tested. “We keep seeing these basketball players say like, ‘Yeah, I have the coronavirus but I don’t get no symptoms’. So how the f**k am I supposed to know when I am supposed to get tested for it?!” she said in the video.

Cardi B.

Accuses actors of being paid to get tested

Cardi added: “Y’all n****s is playin’ with me. That’s my problem right there. Cause y’all not really saying what it is. And it’s like, alright, so tell me what it is and what it ain’t. I’m starting to feel like y’all n****s is payin’ n****s to say that they got it.”

She went on to say: “If y’all are paying n****s to say that they got it, pay me too! Pay me too! Okay? S**t, ’cause I’m trying to get paid.”

Fans agree with Cardi’s theory

Many of her fans on social media blindly agreed with Cardi’s theory. “I mean the thought has crossed my mind,” one Instagram user wrote. “SIS IS WOKE! like is y’all getting paid or?” another said. A user added: “EXACTLY!!! You had no symptoms but got tested. But his would you know to get tested… Cardi is righttt.”

Another fan assumed that those stars were “being paid to make people panic.” Others said Cardi B’s theory was “ridiculous,” and asked to “stop posting all this cardi b nonsense”. Hollywood stars like Idris Elba and Tom Hanks had come out as COVID-19


Can you handle me from back I will be yours forever, send me your number and pic-slay queen.

A beat lady has come out publicly asking for a man who can take her from behind and she will gladly be submissive to him forever.

According to her, all the man has to do is send her a nice picture and his number, she will be the one to do the calling.

She wrote “Can you handle me from back then I will be yours forever.. message me your nice picture and number I will call you now”.

See screenshot below;

So far, there has been over 100 men in the comment section posting and dropping their phone number hoping to be the lucky one.

What are your thoughts about this ?

Cattle Allegedly Destroyed Rice farm land worth N17M in Enugu.

Briefing newsmen on the massive destruction of the rich farmland in Enugu on Wednesday, Mr Ekene Uzodinma, the Manager of Excellent Integrated Farms Ltd., said that herds of cattle had eaten up over eight hectares of farmland that the company cultivated.

Uzodinma lamented that the herds also devoured some heaps of unprocessed paddy rice kept in the farmland, which was waiting to be sent to the milling machine.

“From the market value of local rice now, the eight hectares should produce at least 80 tonnes of rice as a finished product and it is nothing less than N17 million in evaluation,’’ he said.

“Presently, my workers, other farms and villagers are afraid to go to the farms again due to the unrelenting activities of the herds; while the herdsmen are threatening to brutally deal with anybody stopping their cattle from grazing.

“Initially, we tried our best to wade them off, especially during the rainy season and the swampy nature of the rice farm also kept the herdsmen and their herds away.

“However, when we started harvesting and the dry season rolled in; in early December, we were constantly chasing them away until Dec. 15; when they started coming into the rice farmland during the late evening and night hours.

“On that fateful, I was summoned to the farm by my workers at about 7 p.m., when they were overwhelmed in chasing hundreds of cattle away and before the next morning they had eaten up and totally devoured and devastated the whole rice farm,’’ he said.

Uzodinma said that he had written twice to the state governor, police commissioner, other security agencies and Farmers/Herders Peace Committee for about a month now but there was no response and no phone call from these quarters.

“It is only the Nigeria Security and Civil Defence Corps that came to the scene of the devastating and anger-provoking farm to ask some questions, took some notes and pictures,’’ he said.

He, however, said that he was exploiting diplomatic means to seek redress and get the authorities to intervene, especially as the company planned to cultivate 200 hectares of farmland in the state this year by involving no fewer than 100 youths in agriculture.

“It is shocking that we do not have political authorities and law enforcement agencies that really care about the people as activities of these herdsmen and their cattle have made many villagers not to go to farm any longer.

“Why should herds of cattle graze at night. Why should a large number of herds be controlled by underage youth?

“What is the fate of farming and the government’s plan to return youths and people to the farm in the state and boost the state economy through farming.

“What is the fate of various Federal Government farming intervention programmes as the farms are no longer safe for our people,’’ he queried.


Cardi B Husband, offset Replies Davido for insulting him and Davido Replied Back.


– –

Cardi B’s husband, Offset has finally replied Davido’s attack on him on social media few days after he (Offset) expressed unhappiness that Cardi B has adopted Davido’s girlfriend’s name, Chioma.

The drama all started when Cardi B adopted a Nigerian name, Chioma B (after Davido’s girlfriend Chioma) during her recent concert in Nigeria.

An angry Offset tweeted after learning about the development: “Can someone teli me what’s going on? I couldn’t believe my wife went so low to bear @davido wife name (Chioma B), WTF.”

– –

Davido did not take the tweet lightly and fired back at Offset: “My wife’s name is better than your entire generation Off man, you’re not street like I thought you were….Fuck you dude.”

However, it turns out that Offset did not make that comment personally as he reveals in a new tweet that somebody hacked his account to make that derogatory comment.

Offset tweeted;

This is a fake tweet by djkotech busted by kyzx

Davido quickly replied, this time ‘sympathizing’ with Offset for the apparent misunderstanding.

No mind djkotech jor, Na clown






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