see five Nigerian celebrities that are contesting for political seats.

Contestants participating in the 2019 elections are not just seasoned politicians; celebrities and experts from various sectors of the country are also trying to get into various positions.

A look at the candidates list by showed that there are five of them.

Here they are:

Banky W

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Popularly referred to as Banky W to his fans, this 37-year-old singer cum music producer is contesting for the Eti Osa seat at the federal house of representatives under the auspices of Modern Democratic Party.

Desmond Elliot

This actor, who first ventured into politics in 2015, is seeking re-election into the Lagos state house of assembly for the Surulere constituency with the All Progressives Congress (APC).

Emeka Ike

One-time president of the Actors Guild of Nigeria (AGN), Emeka Ike is contesting for the federal house of representatives seat in Okigwe south constituency, Imo state under Young Progressive Party.

Freedom Atsepoyi aka Mr Jollof

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Freedom Atsepoyi is an Instagram comedian popularly known as Mr Jollof. He is contesting for the Warri constituency seat at the federal house of representatives under the African Action Congress.

Shina Peller

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This entertainment entrepreneur, who owns Aquila Group of Companies and Quilox, a popular club in Lagos, is contesting for the Iseyin/Itesiwaju/Kajola/Iwajola federal constituency seat in Oyo under the All Progressives Congress.

Speaking to NAN on Friday, Don Pedro, chairman, Actors’ Guild of Nigeria (AGN), Lagos chapter, appealed to his members to vote for actors and actresses contesting for political positions.

“This invariably shows that entertainers can add value to the society and can also make a difference in governance,” he said.

“I commend my colleagues who have taken this bold step to contest for political positions, and I urge our members to come out en masse and vote for them.

“When we go out to vote, we should vote in unison; and our first choice of whom to vote should be AGN members.”


Source: TheCable Lifestyle


world war 3 threat:U S deploy Missiles To Israel as tension escalates in Iraq.

THE US military has delivered a new type of missile to Israel for the first time as tensions with Iran dramatically escalate.

World War 3: The US THAAD missile gets unloaded in Israel
World War 3: The US THAAD missile gets unloaded in Israel (Image: Getty – US_Eucom Twitter)

The THAAD missile defence system, which stands for Terminal High Altitude Area Defence systems, comes as part of a joint exercise to show the US’s “continued commitment” to Israel’s “regional security.” The hi-tech missiles will be stationed in the small country’s south – which is not far from the turbulent Gaza Strip. Two hundred US soldiers will also be posted to the area alongside the missiles.

A video released by the Israeli Defence Force shows THAAD launchers and other vehicles being unloaded from an enormous military aircraft at the Nevatim Air Base.

The THAAD system is designed to shoot down short and intermediate range ballistic missiles during their terminal phase – re-entry or descent.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was delighted, exclaiming: “The American THAAD system is considered among the most advanced systems in the world, and together with our defence systems, we are stronger in dealing with threats, close or distant, emanating from all areas of the Middle East.”

US European Command said in a statement: “During the deployment, our service members will work in various locations throughout Israel and will practice operational procedures for augmenting Israel’s existing air and missile defence architecture.”

They added that it was a “demonstration of the United States’ continued commitment to Israel’s regional security.”

As part of the deployment, U.S. forces will work at various locations in Europe, the United States and in Israel to operate the system in close cooperation with the Israel Defense Forces, it said. US officials declined to say how quickly the system was moved to Israel from its home base at Fort Bliss, Texas.

The move comes as tensions with Iran are at an all-time high, with both sides mutually threatening to annihilate one another.

Iran unveiled new missiles of its own last month, before holding major navy exercises in the Persian Gulf.

Saudi Arabia agreed in November to buy 44 THAAD launchers, missiles and related equipment from the United States in a separate deal valued at $15 billion.

BOKO HARAM IS DEFEATED!! Nigeria now face global insurgency-Says MINISTER.

Nigerian soldiers used to illustrate the story.
Nigerian soldiers used to illustrate the story.

The Nigerian government is insisting that its military has “successfully defeated” Boko Haram insurgents, but says the country is now facing a fresh crisis, which it called a “global insurgency.”

The government stated this when it launched a national campaign to rally the support of the citizens behind the troops, especially those fighting the insurgency in the northeast.

The Minister of Information and Culture, Lai Mohammed, announced the launch of the campaign on Thursday in Abuja.

Mr Mohammed said Nigerian troops have “successfully cleared the remnant of the home-grown insurgency called Boko Haram and are now being confronted by a fresh crisis, a global insurgency.

“A faction of Boko Haram has aligned with the global terror group, ISIS, to form ISWAP, the Islamic State’s West African Province. In other words, ISIS now has a strong foothold in West Africa – with Nigeria at the forefront of the battle against them.

“With ISIS largely dislodged from Iraq and Syria, there is undoubtedly a flush of fresh fighters and weapons to ISWAP. Therefore, our military is fighting a global insurgency, without the kind of global coalition, including the United States, that battled ISIS in Syria and Iraq,” he said.

There has been a resurgence in attacks on Nigerian soldiers by the insurgents since last year. The latest attack occurred only a few weeks ago.

The minister said the videos and pictures being circulated on social media purporting massive military casualties were “doctored by those who do not understand the fresh threat facing the country nor appreciate the sacrifice of the military and their aim is to wage a campaign of disinformation against the military.”

He said, “those involved in the act are few, and do not represent the majority of Nigerians who appreciate the patriotism and the sacrifice of the gallant military troops.”

Mr Mohammed said it is high time all Nigerians “joined in and support the global war against insurgency, as it is a usual practice that when a country is faced with this kind of challenge, people will sink their differences and work together.”

He said the new campaign is a follow-up to the “hugely-successful National Campaign against Insecurity which we launched on February 16, 2016, with the punchline ‘If You See Something, Say Something’.”

Mr Mohanmmed said the government believes that “the military who are risking all and making a huge sacrifice to keep the citizens safe do not deserve defamation, or any action that can smear their morale rather, they deserve support and prayers of all Nigerians.”

He said the government was introducing the campaign to encourage and mobilise “Nigerians, irrespective of their political, religious or ethnic leanings, to show support for our military.”

He said the campaign will be multi-faceted. “It will include the production and airing of special jingles on radio and television, social media intervention and advocacy.

“The jingles are ready and also the materials for newspaper and social media, the jingles will start airing on radio and television this week.”

Mr Mohammed appealed to the media to seek clarification before reporting casualty figures as they will play the lead role in the campaign. He urged them not to reveal national security as well as military plans since such acts can put the troops in harm’s way.

The minister refused to answer questions not related to the launch of the campaign.

John Agim, the spokesperson of the Nigerian Defence Headquarters, said the military will sometimes keep information from media so as to avoid giving information away that would favour the insurgents and also to avoid unnecessary fright among citizens.

He cited an incident around 2015 and 2016 when the pictures of about 18 Boko Haram members were published and they all escaped to Lagos.

He said the military did not bother to announce that they were being arrested one after the other because the arrests would not have been possible if the information had been published.

The event was witnessed by top military officials, including the Director of Public Relations and Information of the Nigerian Air Force, Ibikunle Daramola; the outgoing Director of Army Public Relations, Sani Usman; and the Director of Information of the Nigerian Navy, Suleman Dahun.

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