BIG NEWS!second HIV patient cured.

The exact method that’s now cured two men of HIV infection is not one that’s going to be widely available to the nearly 38 million people worldwide living with the virus, experts say.

Still, the news has rekindled hopes of finally winning the war against the virus that causes Aids.

The Berlin and London patients benefited from a combination of medical and genetic chance, the experts explained. And even with luck on their side, the two men had to undergo a grueling treatment that could easily have killed them.

“There are a number of circumstances that limit the applicability of this to people around the world,” said Rowena Johnston, vice president and director of research at amfAR, The Foundation for AIDS Research.

But the two cases – along with a third reported cure in Düsseldorf, Germany – point the way to a potential genetic cure for HIV, Johnston said.

“It’s a long way away. I’m not saying that’s happening tomorrow. But it gives you the sense that it might be worth putting in the effort to see if we can develop the technologies to make that happen,” Johnston said.

Genetic mutation

The “London patient”, 40-year-old Adam Castillejo, had a bone marrow transplant designed to beat an otherwise untreatable blood cancer called Hodgkin’s lymphoma, just as his “Berlin patient” predecessor Timothy Ray Brown did to cure his leukemia.

In both cases, the critical transplant came from a donor with a mutation in a protein found on the surface of white blood cells called CCR5.

“HIV uses this protein to gain entry into the cells it infects,” Johnston said. “If you’re a person with this genetic mutation, which means you don’t have that protein, it’s almost impossible for HIV to infect any of your cells.”

As a result, the two men essentially received a new immune system with a built-in genetic resistance to HIV. Doctors theorise that whatever HIV was left hiding in their systems after the treatment wilted away because it had nowhere left to spread.

“Even if the virus wants to go out and find a cell to infect, there are no cells it can infect, so it just dies out,” Johnston said. “That’s one thought of how this transplant system works.”

Numerous problems

The problems with applying this exact cure to everyone now living with HIV are numerous.

For one thing, it involves a bone marrow transplant that wipes out a person’s immune system – a radical procedure reserved for people with fatal conditions that aren’t responding to other treatments, said Dr Antonio Urbina, medical director at the Institute for Advanced Medicine at Mount Sinai, in New York City.

“This patient went through a lot, in terms of the stem cell transplant and all of the complications that can be incurred from that,” he said. “This is something that could have a high patient mortality. To scale that up to other patients would be difficult.”

Furthermore, the patient has to have a bone marrow-matched donor who carries this specific mutation in the CCR5 protein, Urbina and Johnston noted.

This very rare mutation typically only occurs in people with northern European or Caucasian ancestry, the experts said.

“In this case, what was unique was even though the patient was from South Africa, his ancestry was partially Dutch, and they were able to find a German donor who was a match genetically for this patient,” Urbina said.

As a result, this specific cure is not going to be useful in more than a handful of patients, Urbina said.

But there are important lessons to be learned from the men cured of HIV infection in this way.

Not a miracle

Twelve years passed after the announcement of the Berlin patient’s cure, and those were years spent wondering whether Brown had benefited from a freak accident of treatment, Johnston said.

“Certainly in that amount of time you can start to wonder what strange set of unrepeatable circumstances happened in the case of the Berlin patient,” she said. “Now that it’s happened again in the London patient, we are getting the sense there was nothing miraculous or weird or once-in-a-lifetime about the Berlin patient. This really is possible.”

Even better, there’s also now a third case – a patient in Düsseldorf who had a bone marrow transplant and now appears to be HIV-free, Johnston said. Researchers continue to follow this third patient.

The Berlin and London patients both were born with different versions of the CCR5 protein, so their successful treatment also shows that their original genetics don’t matter as long as the genes are replaced with the HIV-resistant mutation, she added.

All of this points toward a potential gene therapy cure for HIV, Johnston said.

Fruitful way forward

“Let’s say you could take my stem cells, put them in a dish, give my cells that genetic mutation and infuse them back into me,” she said. “Since we now have a pretty good sense that this mutation might be very important, then we have a very good idea that could be a very fruitful way forward.”

Even better, doctors could one day potentially create an injectable cure that would add this gene mutation on the fly.

“What if we could work out a way of doing gene therapy that actually you would inject into the person’s arm the actual gene therapy tools, and then they would seek out the cells they need to do the editing on and do it inside the cells of the person,” Johnston said.

Such a cure would not only clear HIV from a person’s system, but potentially would make them immune from further infection, she said.

“This is actually going the whole way, removing all of the infectious virus from a person’s body,” Johnston said. “It might actually make these guys, now that they have immune systems that don’t have the CCR5 vulnerability, it might actually almost eliminate the possibility they would ever be HIV-infected for more information


Billionaire E- money gives out cars to his employees on his 39th birthday

Emeka Okonkwo popularly known as E Money is the CEO of Five Star Group Of Companies which includes the infamous Five Star Records that houses his elder brother, singer Kingsley Okonkwo Kcee.

E money has always been characterized by his selfless nature and his excessive love of the act of giving, severally he has been in the news for changing the life of one person or the other. E money is a father of three, his marriage to his wife, Juliet Okonkwo has spanned for roughly 10 years unlike Kcee who remains single till now.

E money is known for his flashy lifestyle, his love for the expensive and his taste of luxury. His fleet of cars are not easily rivaled by any rich person neither is the quality of his various mansions easily beatable.

E money proves he is as selfless as people claim today as he celebrates his 39th birthday giving out cars to loyal staffs of his establishment, Five Star.

Check out photos of the cars:

BIG STORY!Amber Rose gives Birth

a man holding a baby: Alexander A.E. Edwards and his baby son (c) Instagram
© Bang Showbiz Alexander A.E. Edwards and his baby son (c) Instagram

Amber Rose has given birth to a baby boy.

The 35-year-old model – who already has six-year-old son Sebastian with ex-husband Wiz Khalifa – and her partner Alexander ‘A.E.’ Edwards welcomed Slash Electric Alexander into the world on Thursday (10.10.19).

A.E. shared a photo of himself cradling his baby son on Instagram and paid tribute to his partner.

FILE: Amber Rose is seen on September 24, 2019 in Los Angeles, California.
© BG002/Bauer-Griffin/GC Images FILE: Amber Rose is seen on September 24, 2019 in Los Angeles, California.

He captioned the picture: “Slash Electric Alexander Edwards.. the world is urs now [heart emoji].

“Thank u @amberrose for loving me so much that u put ur body thru it 2 bring my sun in2 the world. I could never be as strong as u. Slash a rockstar [heart emoji (sic).”

Amber shared a series of videos from the delivery room on her Instagram story, featuring the rapper wearing scrubs alongside the caption “It’s time”, and a number of clips of him playing rock, paper, scissors with Sebastian.

Amber announced her pregnancy on social media in April by posting a picture of herself whilst having a scan, and wrote: “@ae4president and I are SUPER excited to announce that we have a Sweet little Baby Boy on the way! P.S Sebastian is soooooo Happy to be a big brother! (sic)”

Whilst Alexander added in his own post: “Even when it’s dark.. my SON will shine. Thank u baby 4 my greatest gift…I love you … I can’t wait to thug it out w my baby boy. & baby boy, I promise I won’t get mad if ur first words r “where the bitches @?” [laughing emoji] ( jokinggg-no hyper-masculinity) (sic)”

The Slutwalk founder suffered with Hyperemesis, extreme morning sickness, in both her pregnancies.

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Bbnaija2019- 10 MEME Nigerians created for Tacha after disqualified.


Nigerian Twitter has been thrown into a frenzy after  the announcement of Tacha’s disqualification on the Big Brother Naija Reality game show.

Good news they say, travels fast and bad news even faster, Nigerians were quick to create memes out of the unfortunate circumstance Tacha has found herself in.

Recall Tacha has been accused several times by other housemates of having body odour.  Mercy who had a physical altercation with Tacha dis not hesitate to call her smelly, Nigerian tweeps have created the most hilarious that will crack your ribs wide open.

Tacha was trolled for her body odour
Recall how Tacha the self-acclaimed “Port-Harcourt First Daughter” could not even spell her city in the Big Brother Naija house 🤣😂






We trust you had a good time laughing out loud


Bbnaija2019-Nigerians React as Mercy confirm Tacha Body Odor

Big Brother Naija housemates, Tacha and Mercy have stirred reactions online after a dirty argument broke out between them on Friday.

The fight started when Seyi called Mercy to come to the lounge so they can read Biggie’s scroll.

But Mercy who had her bath came out late for the reading. This, however, did not go down well with Tacha who rained insults at her.

Mercy in return called Tacha a dirty girl with mouth and body odour which had Tachafurious, dragging Mercy’s hair.

The argument might earn both housemates a strike or disqualification from BBNaija house.

Meanwhile, here are some comments gathered from Twitter:

@Tescool “Tacha had to go use perfume after Mercy dragged her body odour

@Tachaph1st “Strike for Mercy! Disqualify Mercy!

@Usmanashafe “So because Mercy said Tacha stinks, she’s now using body spray. That one really pain Tacha Sha.”

@Ayoub_tunde “Someone should help me whisper into Tacha’s ear that we prefer Mercy’s fake body to her smelling dead body.”

@1ariwajoye “Thank You So Much Mercy For revealing The Truth, Mike Is Finally Vindicated. She Has To Hide In The Room To Use Deodorant… Tacha Why?

@Aghaemmanuel “When I say Mercy is the reason for the season, I know I’m not wrong. Nobody was able to tell Tacha straight to her face that she has body odour but trust my Lambo, she unleashed the pepper.”

@Preciousprechy “Biggie Tacha dragged Mercy’s hair oh you know what to do, I don’t want to hear the story.”

@Mrxaint “Mercy and Tacha fighting, body odour confirmed again.”

@Meksclint “Yup! someone’s getting disqualified. Mercy and Tacha giving us real pepper. Hair pulling and brandishing a potential weapon.”

@Desmondchukwuji, “Mercy and Tacha fighting early this morning. Lord as I pour this anointing oil, let every spirit of anger and bitterness leave this girl called Tacha.See as she is clapping her hands like one street fighter.”

See video below;

Olalekan Ajimoti #indulge@Indulge_Online

Mercy to Tacha – You stink go and take care of your dirtiness.

Tacha to Mercy – Fake ass and you stink too

Mercy to Tacha- You will save for years to get this ass done.

Embedded video

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