Drama as husband catches wife with Neighbors gardener.

The 36-year-old woman identified as Nhamo Nyabusha from Zimbabwe and her neighbour only identified as Richard, 26, were caught having sex by Nhaino’s husband who had received a tip-off whilst he was at work.

For defiling their matrimonial bed, Nhamo and Richard were left bloodied after receiving a serious beating.

“We have always been suspecting that there has been something going on between Richard and the woman who stays next to his house.

“So when we saw him sneaking inside the lady’s house we decided to call the husband who was on night shift.

“He didn’t take time to come and when he got inside the house that’s when we had him shouting on top of his voice after he saw them enjoying each other,” said the source.

“A lot of people came at the house and assaulted Nhamo and Richard until some elderly people in our neighbourhood restrained people from further assaulted them.

“Nhaino’s husband then gave her a divorce token in the sight of everyone who was there and went to his younger brother’s house,” said the source.

Contacted for comment, Nhamo and Richard refused to entertain H-Metro as they were quick to hang up their phones.


world war 3 threat:U S deploy Missiles To Israel as tension escalates in Iraq.

THE US military has delivered a new type of missile to Israel for the first time as tensions with Iran dramatically escalate.

World War 3: The US THAAD missile gets unloaded in Israel
World War 3: The US THAAD missile gets unloaded in Israel (Image: Getty – US_Eucom Twitter)

The THAAD missile defence system, which stands for Terminal High Altitude Area Defence systems, comes as part of a joint exercise to show the US’s “continued commitment” to Israel’s “regional security.” The hi-tech missiles will be stationed in the small country’s south – which is not far from the turbulent Gaza Strip. Two hundred US soldiers will also be posted to the area alongside the missiles.

A video released by the Israeli Defence Force shows THAAD launchers and other vehicles being unloaded from an enormous military aircraft at the Nevatim Air Base.

The THAAD system is designed to shoot down short and intermediate range ballistic missiles during their terminal phase – re-entry or descent.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was delighted, exclaiming: “The American THAAD system is considered among the most advanced systems in the world, and together with our defence systems, we are stronger in dealing with threats, close or distant, emanating from all areas of the Middle East.”

US European Command said in a statement: “During the deployment, our service members will work in various locations throughout Israel and will practice operational procedures for augmenting Israel’s existing air and missile defence architecture.”

They added that it was a “demonstration of the United States’ continued commitment to Israel’s regional security.”

As part of the deployment, U.S. forces will work at various locations in Europe, the United States and in Israel to operate the system in close cooperation with the Israel Defense Forces, it said. US officials declined to say how quickly the system was moved to Israel from its home base at Fort Bliss, Texas.

The move comes as tensions with Iran are at an all-time high, with both sides mutually threatening to annihilate one another.

Iran unveiled new missiles of its own last month, before holding major navy exercises in the Persian Gulf.

Saudi Arabia agreed in November to buy 44 THAAD launchers, missiles and related equipment from the United States in a separate deal valued at $15 billion.

REVELATION! how we will take vengeance,for the killing of igbos in lagos-ASARI DOKUBO.

Revelation! How We Will Take Vengeance For The Killings Of Igbos In Lagos, Asari Dokubo Reveals

Alhaji Asari Dokubo, a former commander of the  Niger Delta militant has declared that the people of Biafra would take vengeance for the indiscriminate killings of the Igbos in Lagos State

The ex-militant leader was reacting to the violence that occurred during the presidential election in the Niger Delta and in Lagos State.

In a video obtained by DAILY POST, Dokubo also condemned the killings in some Local Governments Areas in Rivers State.

The former dreaded freedom fighter blamed politicians for ordering the killings of their people using Nigerian security forces.

Dokubo claimed that over 30 people have been recorded dead owing to the attack by the Nigerian security forces.

Dokubo called on Yoruba people to stop the attack on Biafrans who have done no wrong by choosing to vote for a candidate of their choice and by choosing to vote out a ‘tyrant.’“We will revenge the killings” he assured the Yorubas as he reminded them that they have Yoruba people working at the various oil facilities in the Niger Delta.

It will be recalled that hundred of social miscreants, popularly known as ‘Area Boys’ have attacked Igbo traders on Lagos Island for not voting for President Muhammadu Buhari in the last Saturday election.Vengeance,1

The miscreants, who were armed with dangerous weapons like cutlasses, broken bottles, wood and knives struck at about at Oluwole, Nnamdi Azikiwe, Tinubu, Bamgbose and Alli Streets. Some Igbo traders who were just opening their respectful shops for business were beaten with the instruction that all their shops should remain locked. Armed hoodlums were seen parading the Streets, shouting “Igbo should go back to their States to do business. This is Lagos.”

“We campaign for them to vote for Buhari, but they refused and voted for Atiku. They cannot come here to do business again. They must follow us to vote whoever we ask them to vote for. This is just a sample for them, if they ever vote for PDP again, that will be their end”, the hoodlums threatened,” the hoodlums were heared chorusing. This threats made the Igbo traders to quickly close their respectful shops and stood nearby to witness what was going to happen to their shops. Some Yoruba men in the areas were also seen challenging the hoodlums not to cause problem because the Igbos have the right to vote for the candidate of their choice. Chris Onyekachi, President, Amalgamated Computer Stationery and Allied Trader Association of Nigeria, said he got a call this morning that hoodlums had attacked Igbo traders on Lagos Island because they voted for Atiku Abubakar.

He said the hoodlums locked their shops and destroyed goods worth millions of naira and even beat up some Igbo traders for daring to vote for Atiku. Onyekachi condemned the act, describing it as lawlessness, saying that it was a breach of their fundamental human rights as they had the right to live anywhere and vote for whom they chose to vote for. He added that the arrival of the Divisional Police Officer, DPO, in the area saved the day as the police restored nomalcy. Also, policemen were drafted to the areas on the order of the Area ‘A’ Commander, Bode Ojajuni who was informed about the situation.As at the time of this report, Police vehicles ere seen patrolling the areas, but the Igbo traders still gathered nearby and refused to open shops for the fear of another attack.SOURCE: DAILYPOST,PM NEWS

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