After Raping us they ask us to pay initiation fee-two girls cries out.

Two girls from Nanka village in Anambra state have accused at least 10 boys of forcefully initiating them into a cult after raping them and making them pay an initiation fee.According to them, one of the young boys lured them to a bush where he and his friends beat them up, raped them and threatened them to pay money to them.

While being questioned by older men in the community, the girls affirmed that the boys who has been caught, invited them out for a drink and they went with him. However, rather than going to a bar, he took them to a cashew plantation where other boys then came out of the bush.They said they tried running, but the boys due to their numbers, overpowered them, beat them up and blindfolded them. When asked about the number of boys, the girls estimated them to be about 10.

They said the boys took turns to rape them after threatening that they had guns. They were informed by the boys that they have now become members of a cult after they had finished raping them. According to them, they were threatened to pay an initiation fee, as failure to do so will lead to death of their mothers.The girls said they promised to pay out of fear, because the boys had told them that they had guns and won’t hesitate to use them.

AKA Drags Cassper for saying he wish he is Nigerian-see interesting Details

AKA Drags Cassper For Wishing He Was A Nigerian. It has become that time of the year once again where AKA and Cassper shade and drag one another.

Cassper recently proclaimed that he wishes he was Nigerian because of the unity he claims they have in music. The message wasn’t well received by many of his South African fans since it implied that even after so many #FillUps he wasn’t supported. Even AKA found the post highly uncool and released a string of posts dragging Cassper.

“Won’t even lie. I wish I was from Nigeria too. the love they have for their own artists, the way they celebrate their culture. 90% local content on radio and TV. The way their celebrate their own music no matter where they are in the world. The unity within their music – A dream,” wrote Mufasa.

AKA confronted his statement, “You wish you were what? Fuck outta here Bruh.” He went on to pay compliment to South Africa calling it a miracle. “Being a South African is a fuckin honour and privilege. Don’t let anyone ever tell you any other nonsense.”

Supa Mega further gave Mufasa a little advise on how it is not fitting to disown people you still wanna lead. “You cannot disown your own people and in the next breath want to lead them.”

When one fan responded to Bhova by saying the he is bitter because he lost the BET award to Burna Boy back in June – he said that he has nothing but love for Nigeria but doesn’t like losing to them.

“I wore a Nigerian flag on my own music video, Nigerians are our brothers and sisters. I love them, just don’t enjoy losing to them.”

Cassper on the side is trending with people sharing their views on his wish to be a Nigerian.

Americans are talking about Nigerians on social media,hear what they say..

Twitter has been buzzing over great and good commendations about Nigerians living abroad, especially United State of America, U.S.A.

A twitter user, known as Candace Owens ( , an American citizen, who started the post stated that Nigerians are among the most successful black people in the world.

According to her; “Nigerian-Americans are the most successful ethnic group in the U.S

…”If you want to know how it’s possible that blacks who come from under-developed Africa, keep outperforming blacks from overprivileged America— it’s bc they weren’t exposed to the Democrat parasite of victimhood!

Her post drew a lot of attention as many U.S citizens replied her tweet with decent commendations about Nigerians.

@davidkemppp said; “They work their asses off — just ALL the legal immigrants from third-world countries do. You’ll never see one of the folks from Nigerians — or an Asian — begging on a street corner or camped on the streets. They WORK hard to advance”.

@brucej62 wrote; “You bet. I have some good friends from college who are from Nigeria. Smart as hell, and hard workers.

@Honeybeelulu84; “My hubs is Nigerian. He’s the hardest working man I know. He can’t stand the idea of hand outs.

@mcrouch824 wrote: “My DH just flew with a Nigerian American copilot and he can’t stop raving about what an awesome pilot and person he was. No victim mentally just a hard working smart guy.

See other response below via screenshots:

Andy ruiz jr want $50 million dollars to Rematch Anthony joshua-see video

As Andy Ruiz Jr. continues to be the talk of the town (or really the whole boxing world) after upsetting Anthony Joshua last weekend to become unified heavyweight champion, the titleholder talks to Fight Hub TV about plans for the rematch, and why he’s going to demand huge money if Team Joshua wants to fight on their own home turf.

Check out some excerpts below…

Ruiz on what the last week has been like since becoming champion:

“You know what, it’s been a little crazy. You know, coming from New York over here, doing a lot of interviews, a lot of press, I haven’t gone to see my kids or my wife or nothing like that. But, you know, I’m really excited that I won the world heavyweight champion and I became history, so I’m excited for that.

On his life changing overnight:

“Yep, it sure did, and all the hard work and dedication I’ve been doing with Manny Robles and having all the right people around me, it’s not a one-job thing, you know? But I just thank God.”

On his trainer predicting that he would knock Joshua out:

“He had a dream, and my dad — a lot of people had dreams that I knocked him down and it’s crazy. And what do you know, I’m knocking him down.”

On what he was thinking during the first round of the fight, sizing Joshua up:

“I think from the first round to the third round I was just trying to get a feel from him, you know? Both of us was trying to see what we both got, you know? And it’s like a little warm-up thing because we still have 12 other rounds. But what do you know, he dropped me in the third round, my first time being on the canvas, I got up like a true warrior would and knocked him back down.”

On what his first thought was when he got dropped for the first time in his career:

“I was a little surprised. I was like ‘What the hell?’ a little shocked, you know, because I’ve never been down in the canvas, I don’t know how it felt. But it’s kinda like a little numb part where you’re on the floor, your eyes close, you wake up like ‘What the hell, I’m on the floor.’ But I felt good, I got up. I got up good, I took a breather and I was just thinking ‘Come on, God, give me power. Please, God!’ That’s what I was saying when I got knocked down and what do you know, Anthony comes at me trying to finish me off. I moved and got him with the left hook and ever since I got him with that left hook it hasn’t changed — he didn’t change.”

On if he knew Joshua didn’t want anymore after the last knockdown when Joshua went back to his corner and put his arms on the ropes:

“There’s nothing left. I think if the referee wouldn’t have stopped it, I think I would’ve knocked him out in a dramatic other way. But, you know, the ref does his job but I did my job, for sure.”

On how hard Joshua hits:

“Well he hits pretty hard if he put me on the canvas, you know?…I think it was a lucky shot of him putting me on the canvas, but those lucky shots could end the night. But the warrior that I am, the Mexican blood that I have inside of me made me get up and win the fight.”

On what’s the status of the rematch with Joshua:

“Yeah, I think they did say November/December but right now my team, they’re negotiating everything right now, you know, and I just gotta stay busy, stay healthy, and be ready for the rematch.”

On Team Joshua wanting the rematch in the U.K. and whether he has the power to shut that down and force the rematch here in the U.S.:

“I would love it to be here in the United States or in Mexico, you know. But, hey, it all depends on the team and what we negotiate. You know, if they want me to go over there they have to give me $50 million dollars. It they wanna come over there, you know — it’s just negotiations.”

On how he thinks a rematch would play out, and whether or not he thinks it would be the same kind of fight:

“We all have improvements to make and we always learn as boxers, we always have stuff to learn. And I think if we do the rematch he’s gonna be a little bit more cautious. I think he’s gonna try to box me around [the ring] but Anthony’s not good moving back, moving around.

“But if we both exchange punches I’m easily gonna — I have the faster hands and I can take a punch.”

On his thoughts on media pundits like Stephen A. Smith basically trashing his win based on his physical appearance:

“Everyone has their comments and their differences but no hard feelings to the people that are trying to talk down about the fight and whatnot. But shoutout to Steph, or whatever his name is.”

On if he thinks a fight against Deontay Wilder will ultimately be the fight for the undisputed championship:

“You know what? In this boxing game, especially the heavyweight game, you never know because it only takes one punch to change the whole fight and the situation…But who knows, I think it’s gonna be a really exciting fight against Wilder and Ortiz. To me, I think Wilder’s gonna win, you know? Ortiz is a little bit older but I’d love to get in there with Wilder as well. I think that’s the only belt that I’m missing and to be the undisputed heavyweight champion of the world I need that belt.”

According to experts these are celebrities who are going to die in 2019

Tina Turner

According to the experts, this is who will be singing with the choir invisible come the end of the year

It’s a new year, a new dawn, a whole 12 months of virgin territory rich with endless possibilities and opportunities.

And also a year in which lots of famous people will die.

Yes, ever since the unforgettable year of 2016, when David Bowie departed this mortal coil and everyone else decided to jack it in too seeing as it wasn’t worth living any more, it’s become an accepted spectator sport to think about which celebs will meet their end in the year ahead.

2017 saw a healthy (bad choice of word) selection of icons depart, with John Hurt, Chuck Berry, Roger Moore, Adam West, Glen Campbell and Hugh Hefner, while 2018 saw us lose Billy Graham, Stephen Hawking, Verne Troyer, Aretha Franklin, Burt Reynolds, John McCain, Stan Lee and George HW Bush and – just in time – June Whitfield – to the grim reaper.

So, who will pop their clogs in 2019?

There’s only one place to look for predictions, and that’s one of the internet’s greatest websites –

Burt: DEAD

For the uninitiated, The DeathList is a selection of 50 celebrities that are tipped to meet the grim reaper in the next sixth months. It’s been running since 1986, when the inaugural list was made for the following year in the Mandela Bar at Warwick University by a group of students: the founders of DeathList. 1987 saw only a solitary correct call (admittedly out of a reduced field of 31), but over the following years, their talents at death-predicting steadily improved. 1994 saw the first list of 50, with a solid total of 9 meeting their maker, and they’ve not looked back since.

Their primary aim is to hit double figures – a target they’ve successfully managed to hit every year since 1999 (with the exception of 2010 and 2011), with 14 correct coffin calls in 2015, 2008 and 2003 before a record-breaking 17 in 2017.

Why is the target not higher? Well, there are several exacting criteria for the list of 50: only 25 are allowed to remain on from the previous year; candidates are not eligible if their only claim to fame is that they are likely to die shortly; and they must also be famous enough that their death will be widely covered by the UK media. Thus, there is some serious skill in predicting who won’t make it through the next 12 months.

With the deathlist committee clearly at the top of their game after 2017’s blockbusting year, who are they tipping for the graveyard in 2019?

Kirk’s had a tough life

Number one on the list for the second consecutive year is 103-year-old actor Kirk Douglas, appearing for no fewer than the 17th time. Will they finally bump him off this year?

The rest of the top five features returning entries from author Herman Wouk (who moves from 3rd to 2nd), actress Olivia De Havilland (up from 4th to 3rd), ‘casual racist’ Prince Philip Duke of Edinburgh (up a place to 4th) and actress Leah Bracknell (down from 2nd to 5th). With four of them aged 98 or over, they’re surely on borrowed time.

Forces sweetheart Dame Vera Lynne, appearing for the eleventh time and now an ancient 102 years old is in 6th place, followed by two politicians: Robert Mugabe and Jimmy Carter, in 7th and 8th place respectively.

9th is Doris Day – approaching her last day undoubtedly – while 10th is fashion designer Pierre Cardin.

People appearing for the first time include 92-year-old actor Jerry Stiller (13th), ex-Australian PM Bob Hawke (23rd), economist Alan Greenspan (24th), broadcast journalist Barbara Walters (28th), actor Sidney Poitier (36th – David Brent will be upset), ex-Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev (40th), racing pundit John McCririck (42nd), soul queen Tina Turner (47th) and Pogues legend Shane MacGowan (48th).

And this photo was taken 21 YEARS AGO

Ones lucky to have escaped the attention of the committee this year include Keith Richards (possibly immortal but now 75), Bernie Sanders (77, could another run for the Democratic nomination finish him off?), Bill Oddie (77, and given he’s universally loved, probably a dead cert), Buzz Aldrin (88), Brian Blessed (82, again though possibly immortal), Richard Branson (68, might take his Virgin Galactic craft for a risky test drive), Barry Gibb (72, might fancy reuniting the Bee Gees in heaven), Hulk Hogan (65, *redacted in case we get sued*), Raul Castro (87, just very old) and Dame Judi Dench (84, likewise).

And, of course, the one we all fear will never happen, and which even death-lovers might get a bit upset about: Sir David Attenborough, now aged a mighty 92. Let’s not even dwell on that one.

Sit back and enjoy what is sure to be a stellar year of celebrity deaths coming up.

And for anyone who thinks this is all in very bad taste? Relax, we’ll all be dead very soon once the global warming feedback loops kick in (assuming Trump’s itchy nuclear button finger doesn’t finish us all off first, of course). And everyone who dies now means one less competitor in the forthcoming water wars, so it’s in your interests too.

Happy new year!

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