After Raping us they ask us to pay initiation fee-two girls cries out.

Two girls from Nanka village in Anambra state have accused at least 10 boys of forcefully initiating them into a cult after raping them and making them pay an initiation fee.According to them, one of the young boys lured them to a bush where he and his friends beat them up, raped them and threatened them to pay money to them.

While being questioned by older men in the community, the girls affirmed that the boys who has been caught, invited them out for a drink and they went with him. However, rather than going to a bar, he took them to a cashew plantation where other boys then came out of the bush.They said they tried running, but the boys due to their numbers, overpowered them, beat them up and blindfolded them. When asked about the number of boys, the girls estimated them to be about 10.

They said the boys took turns to rape them after threatening that they had guns. They were informed by the boys that they have now become members of a cult after they had finished raping them. According to them, they were threatened to pay an initiation fee, as failure to do so will lead to death of their mothers.The girls said they promised to pay out of fear, because the boys had told them that they had guns and won’t hesitate to use them.


Abia youth Threatened to behead anyone who protest against looters.

Abia Coalition Against Corruption (ACAC) , a well meaning Group has taken their campaign against Corruption to EFCC headquarters in Abuja. The group urged the EFCC to make immediate arrest and prosecute any Looters found in the State.

However, the protest in Abuja didn’t go down well with some youths in Abia State. A group of youth led by the Personal Assistant to the Abia State House of Assembly speaker , has been bold enough and threatened any group planning to hold a protest in and across the state.

During a press conference , he said Abia sis a Peaceful State, and that the government is working perfectly.

He claimed that they have position able men to strategic places , waiting for anyone who wishes to protest in the state. He further advised the protesters to leave Facebook and come back to Abia to face the repercussions of their actions. Abians are peaceful and lovely people, he said.

What’s your take on this issue? Should a protest hold in Abia against the Looters ? Kindly comment and share for public awareness.


AKA has lost Nigerian Artist friendship since Burna Boy debacle

Hip-hop artist, AKA, took to social media to reflect on the demise of his friendship with Davido, and other Nigerian artists, following his public fallout with Burna Boy.

AKA reflects on the demise of his friendships with Nigerian artists since the Burna Boy debacle

On Tuesday, 10 December 2019, AKA’s fans pleaded with him to try and make amends with the Nigerian artists he was friends with. A social media user posted their message with an image of him and Davido embracing. AKA replied with a reflective post, revealing that he missed the friendship and was regretful of the demise of his relationship with Davido and other Nigerian artists.

See the posts below.



Looking at this picture makes me sad. All over some ⚽️ banter *sigh* … 

Zabom🇿🇦 to Africa🌍@Joel_TTP
Replying to @akaworldwide

Bhova my leader and inspiration.. Bro please restrain yourself from this tweets🙏🏾. i understand ur stance but Please be bigger than this Fave, i will stand by you no matter wat but please lets have peace✌🏾 let it start with you my Superstar… The others we will deal wit dem.

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Yeah maybe. All those friendships, all those memories and time spent in Lagos. Down the drain over some bullshit. It’s unfortunate. 

February Boy Feez@boy_feez
Replying to @akaworldwide

Reach out to OBO. I’m sure he doesn’t have a problem with you no more. Once OBO cover you, e don finis

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Yeah when I think of it proper, it’s really lame.

Replying to @akaworldwide

But y’all have your own beef, handle that privately, you were once friends so whatever went wrong is between the two of you,I stan both of you,this is disappointing

AKA Drags Cassper for saying he wish he is Nigerian-see interesting Details

AKA Drags Cassper For Wishing He Was A Nigerian. It has become that time of the year once again where AKA and Cassper shade and drag one another.

Cassper recently proclaimed that he wishes he was Nigerian because of the unity he claims they have in music. The message wasn’t well received by many of his South African fans since it implied that even after so many #FillUps he wasn’t supported. Even AKA found the post highly uncool and released a string of posts dragging Cassper.

“Won’t even lie. I wish I was from Nigeria too. the love they have for their own artists, the way they celebrate their culture. 90% local content on radio and TV. The way their celebrate their own music no matter where they are in the world. The unity within their music – A dream,” wrote Mufasa.

AKA confronted his statement, “You wish you were what? Fuck outta here Bruh.” He went on to pay compliment to South Africa calling it a miracle. “Being a South African is a fuckin honour and privilege. Don’t let anyone ever tell you any other nonsense.”

Supa Mega further gave Mufasa a little advise on how it is not fitting to disown people you still wanna lead. “You cannot disown your own people and in the next breath want to lead them.”

When one fan responded to Bhova by saying the he is bitter because he lost the BET award to Burna Boy back in June – he said that he has nothing but love for Nigeria but doesn’t like losing to them.

“I wore a Nigerian flag on my own music video, Nigerians are our brothers and sisters. I love them, just don’t enjoy losing to them.”

Cassper on the side is trending with people sharing their views on his wish to be a Nigerian.

A Zimbabwean Music Artist gun down in cape town while dropping off friend

Cameraman and musician Ray Ceeh was gunned down in Mitchells Plein on Wednesday night.
Cameraman and musician Ray Ceeh was gunned down in Mitchells Plein on Wednesday night. Image: Facebook/Ray Ceeh

A 33-year-old Zimbabwean cameraman and producer was shot and killed in Lentegeur, Mitchells Plain, in the Western Cape on Wednesday night.

Ray Ceeh was reportedly dropping off colleagues who had been shooting a music video with him.

Ceeh moved to SA from Zimbabwe several years ago and was a former employee of Muslim praise television channel Deen TV.

“He was the life of our office and brought smiles to the faces of many. He was determined and a hard worker. He always wanted to be someone in life, and his life was unfortunately cut short,” said Deen TV CEO Fayzel Sayed.

“He came to SA from Zimbabwe as a very talented person,” he said. “He always wanted to help his mother. He produced music, he sang very well.

“I haven’t been able to work all morning, we are all shattered by the news.”

Sayed said that Ceeh’s death was “unjustified”.

“There is no justification,” he said. “He saw SA as an outlet for him to be somebody and make a future here … it’s a disgrace that his life was taken here.”

“He was not a gangster, I promise you that,” he said. “He wasn’t going to attack anyone, he didn’t have it in him.”

No arrests have been made.

“A case of murder has been opened following a shooting incident last night about 22.43pm in Maartbloom Street, Lentegeur, where a 33-year-old man was shot and fatally wounded,” said police spokesperson Siyabulela Malo.

“Lentegeur SAPS members responded to a complaint and upon their arrival noticed a white vehicle that had driven into the wall at the mentioned address,” he said.

“It is apparent that the victim was about to drop passengers in the area when three unknown men approach his vehicle and fired one shot to his neck and he totally lost  control of his vehicle,” he said.

“Police are following up on leads in order to bring the perpetrators to book,” he said.

Ceeh wrote and produced his own music, and released his first video this year.

Heart Entertainment Magazine published his video, and wrote that he “his vision is to speak through his music and impact change in the communities and society we live in”.

“Ray Ceeh started his career in a gospel recording outfit Solid Praise and rubbed shoulders with a lot of Zimbabwe-based musicians,” they said.

“Based in South Africa, Ray Ceeh started with video filming and producing several music videos and TV shows before embarking on a solo music career.”

“His latest single Keep on Fighting, also available on iTunes and all online distribution platforms, has a message that stands on staying strong in life and not giving up.”

He also produced his own Instagram podcast, The Ray Show, with many commenting on his latest upload with messages of condolence.

“RIP young Legend,” wrote one user.

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