Aunty do give away no dey show us your pussy-fans slam moyo lawal.

Popular Nollywood actress Moyo Lawal from Nigeria has once again done what she always does as she posts a short video of her workout session that made most of her fans start reacting with mixed feelings.

The Yoruba born Actress posted her workout video as she works resiliently towards reducing her weight but the problem of some of her fan is usually her dressing or her appearance during the workout session….

Due to these most of her fans react to the video while a fan went ahead and commented “aunty do give away nor dey show us ur kpomo, this not want we need now” …… Even if the actress have not replied to the comment yet, i think she is really doing the right thing by being silent …..

Well i guess the fan was just saying what’s in his mind and they say the true can be better sometimes

below is what posted


A True Story:how I fell in love with my Neighbor after a one night sleepover.

Sam (not real name) was a University student who stayed off-campus. He has just returned from a weekend break to his lodge in school that evening when he heard a knock on his door. When he opened the door, it was Juliet (not real name) his neighbor who lives next door. He was a bit surprised because she doesn’t come to his room often not to talk of coming at night. Though Juliet is not a student, she is pretty, chubby and well endowed. Sam has always wished he can date her.

He welcomed her and they got talking. After some time, they started talking about relationships and she opened up to him how she has developed feelings for him. But Sam thought she was only pulling his leg. They ended the conversation late in the night and both went to their rooms.

At about 12 am, Juliet knocked again and begged Sam to allow her to sleep in his room because her roommate’s boyfriend visited them (it’s a single room). Sam agreed and offered her the bed while he sleeps on the floor but Juliet insisted they must sleep together on the same bed. Sam had no choice but to agree with her.

Sam couldn’t sleep very well that night because he was not comfortable with a lady sleeping by his side without being his girlfriend, by 5am in the morning he was awake and so was Juliet, they got talking and Sam asked her to allow him to hold her, she agreed without hesitation. As he held her from behind, he could feel himself becoming hard as and Juliet felt it too and couldn’t hold back. In a moment of silence, they kissed and exchanged hot glances. In a few minutes, the atmosphere was set for a hot experience but Sam couldn’t go through with it because he was scared of STD since there was no protection. So, she left Sam’s room but Sam was angry at himself for not having protection at home which have made him missed such an opportunity.

All through the day, the memory kept playing in Sam’s head and when it was evening, he went to her room and in a few minutes, they started k*ssing and touching. This time he gathered the courage to do it despite there was no protection. She moaned softly and looked deep in his eyes and they both enjoyed the moment. A few days later, Juliet broke up with her boyfriend to be with Sam.

That was how it began and it became a regular thing but it was done secretly.

Sam graduated but has always cherished the memories.

There is Evil spirit in Anambra state house -Obiano

Evil Spirits In Anambra Govt House-Obiano

The governor made the statement at the Province of the Niger, Anglican Prayer Rally of Anambra State (APRAS) 2019, with the theme “The Righteous shall Flourish like Palm Tree”, held at the Dr. Alex Ekwueme square, Awka.

Obiano, who was represented by the secretary to the State Government, Prof. Solo Chukwubelu, said there are evil spirits in the state house.

The governor, who was reacting to the ministration of Bishop of Ogbaru, RT. Rev. Prosper Amah, who said there were evil spirits in the society, said there were also evil spirits in the government house, that come and go.

Obiano urged the church to pray for the evil spirits to leave the government house permanently, so that government can provide quality services to the people.

“In the government House, the evil spirits come and go. We urged the church to pray hard to let them leave the government for good,” he said.

Also speaking during the occasion, the Archbishop, Province of Niger and Bishop, Dioceses of Awka, the Most Rev. Alexander Ibezim, said that the evil spirits in the government house were human beings.

He urged the governor to deal decisively with them to leave the state house.

“The government should fight evil spirits themselves in the state house, while the church will fight those outside the government house,” he said.

He urged Christians to be prayerful to be able to subdue Satan and its agents looking for who to destroy

American man murdered Nigerian woman he met online because she refused to marry him

Antonio Wilson, a 38-year-old man from Georgia, America, has been arrested for the alleged murder of Fabiola Thomas, 39, because she refused to marry him.

Thomas’ roommate discovered her body in the bathtub at the Atlanta Newtown Apartments and alerted police. She was taken to a hospital, where she was pronounced dead.

According to local police, Thomas and Wilson met on the dating app, Plenty of Fish. Police spokesman Sean Thompson said the killing was in connection to Thomas rejecting the idea of them getting married.

A warrant indicates Wilson planned to give Thomas an engagement ring, but Thomas said she didn’t want him coming to her house.

Police could not release any details of how Thomas was murdered, but stated that her body had signs of trauma.

A man Dies while ‘chewing’ girlfriend in a lodge

Police arrive at a scene of crime. [Source/Kenya Police/Twitter]

Police in Migori county are investigating an incident where a man, aged 30, reportedly died while in the company of his girlfriend in a lodging.

The incident happened on Tuesday night at a lodging within Rongo Town, where the man identified as Collins Odhimabo Ochieng’ reportedly developed breathing difficulties.

He later died at the Rongo Hospital where he was rushed to after the girlfriend raised alarm.

Confirming the incident, Rongo Sub-County Police Commander Kibet Kirui said that the man fell sick while with the woman, according to her confessions.

“The woman told police that she went to the man that night where they booked the said room before he fell ill. He died while undergoing treatment at Rongo Hospital,” he told the Standard.

He added that trouble began at around 2:00 PM and the woman was among the people who escorted him to the health facility where he succumbed.

“According to the man’s girlfriend at around 2:00 am the man developed some complication on breathing and she escorted him to the hospital,” said officer Kirui.

The police boss said that a probe has been launched into the issue to establish the cause of the death, and the body has been moved to the Rosewood Mortuary in Rongo.

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