Cristiano Ronaldo received a Bad news from juventus

Ronaldo just received BAD NEWS from Juventus

Real Madrid legend Cristiano Ronaldo has received a piece of BAD NEWS after the latest report from manager Maximiliano Allegri, who brought the Portuguese captain to Italy.

Reports from Italian newspaper says that manager Maximiliano Allegri has agreed to leave Juventus at the end of the season, ending his five-year relationship with the Turin giants in which he won the league all through.

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Juventus signed Cristiano Ronaldo from Real Madrid for a club record fee in the summer of 2018 under Allegri, in a bid to win the UEFA Champions League, but a home loss to giant-killers Ajax Amsterdam ended the dream of lifting the prestigious European trophy.

Maximiliano Allegri has consented to leave Juventus this summer following five years with the Italian champions. Both Allegri and Juve president Andrea Agnelli has reliably denied that there will be any change in charge come the finish of this season.

However, as indicated by different reports in Italy, incorporating into La Stampa, an understanding was come to between the pair on Wednesday night to go separate ways. That could prepare for Allegri to join Paris Saint-Germain, who are thinking about sacking Thomas Tuchel.

Tuchel just joined the Ligue 1 champions the previous summer, yet there are clear partitions between the German supervisor and the forces that be in the French capital, with connections among him and both president Nasser Al-Khelaifi and brandishing executive Antero Henrique stressed.

Maximiliano Allegri was appointed as the new head coach of Juventus, replacing Antonio Conte who had resigned the day before to join Chelsea, and the Italian had a host of local trophies to his name as the manager of the Turin giants.

The 51-year-old manager won five consecutive Serie A title from his first season in 2014–15, to his last in 2018–19. He also won the Coppa Italia for four consecutive seasons, failing to win only this campaign. Allegri won the Supercoppa Italiana twice in 2015 and in 2018.

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He also guided Juventus to the UEFA Champions League on two occasions in 2014–15 and 2016–17, losing both finals to Spanish giants. The first a 3-1 loss to Barcelona and the second was against defending Champions Real Madrid who defeated them 4-1.

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My young boyfriend impregnated me and my daughter-What will I do

HELP! I’m So Confused – My Young Boyfriend Impregnated Me And My Daughter; What Can I Do?

What does “dilemma” mean? Since you have asked this question, it is certain that you had not looked up in the dictionary for the meaning. Let me do that for you. It is: a situation in which a difficult choice has to be made between two or more alternatives, especially ones that are equally undesirable. Equally undesirable. Sounds hard. Doesn’t it? This is a classic case of a mother finding herself stuck between a rock and a hard place after she discovered that she  and her daughter were pregnant at the same time, but that’s not all. It turns out that they are both pregnant for the same man. Weird and shocking, right? I know she must be freaking out as she decided to share her story on the internet to ask people their opinion on what to do about the crazy situation she found her entwined in.

Here is her sad tale: “I am in my early 50s. I am divorced; have been for more than a decade. I live on my own with my three children. About a year ago, I went into a relationship with a man four years younger than I am. Being married, we meet in my place. As a matter of fact he has the key to my flat. It was better than going to hotels. Besides, my daughters were grown up to appreciate that I need a man in my life. Well, I thought I could trust him so I gave him permission to come to my house whenever he likes I am in or not. I also assumed my daughters were responsible enough to see him as their father. Unfortunately, I miscalculated.

“Unknown to me while he was having affairs with me, he was also sleeping with my two older daughters. I didn’t know what was happening until I took my elders daughter to the hospital following her persistent complains of malaria. I also haven’t been feeling well; so decided to visit the hospital with my daughter. When the result came out, we were both pronounced pregnant. I was shocked because I didn’t expect to be at y age since I have been having irregular period in the last two years.

“At 28, my daughter has never been pregnant. I was happy for her thinking it was the man I knew her with was responsible. Then, it didn’t even occur to me that he [my daughter’s fiancé] has been out of Lagos for three months. It wasn’t until we got home that the real problem started. We met my boyfriend at home. While I was still thinking of how to break my news to him, a text message came to his phone. After reading the text, he became very agitated so much so he lost concentration.

“I was so concerned. I forget what I was about to say and snatched the phone from him to know what got him me very suspicious; I quickly transferred the message to my phone before handing it over to him. I did the transfer while he was struggling to take the phone away from me so, he wasn’t aware of what I did. I almost fainted when I read the text and discovered it was my daughter telling him that we were both pregnant for him and he should tell me to abort the baby since she was going to keep hers. She told him if he tried to play smart with her, the whole world would know that he has been sleeping with her mother, sister and herself.

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“The worst thing now is that he is nowhere to be found. I have tried getting him on his phone numbers but none is going through. The friend I know him with says he doesn’t know his whereabout and has bluntly refused to take me to his house. My second daughter has left home for an unknown destination following the revelation by her sister that she too has been sleeping with him. I am very confused as my daughter and I are stuck without situation. How do I explain to the world that my daughter and I are pregnant for this same man and that he is nowhere to be seen? What should I do please?”

What advice do you have for this helpless woman who has found herself in this mess? Please feel free to share in your thoughts and comments on the matter

Source: Kenyan Weekly

A billionaire sugar mummy said she want a serious relationship with a guy,that have stamina.

A billionaire sugar mummy has registered her plans of settling down with a quite muscular bl^ck guy a serious r^latiosh^p.

According to the wealthy woman, she has everything and doesn’t need anything from the guy except his serious and strong stamina.

The sugar mum whose only name on social media is Miss Woods says until she gets a bl^ack guy with her desirable stamina she won’t relent in her search.

She posted;

“The time has come for me to settle down but I am currently searching that that blackie who has a lot of stamina. I need that guy who got what it takes to roll with me. Yes, stamina is the only thing I need and nothing else.

I got everything at my disposal just that I must get one bl^ckie to balance the situation and I’m done and fulfilled in life and I know I’ll get him.”

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