38 south Africans test positive to coronavirus-see list of where they come from and the country they visited.

The Department of Health has confirmed that the first South African person under 18 has tested positive for Covid-19.

On Saturday, Health Minister Zweli Mkhize said the 14-year-old from the Western Cape was among 14 new cases who had tested tested positive for the virus. This brings the number of cases in the country to 38.

Earlier on Saturday, the United Herzlia Schools in Cape Town sent parents a letter, which News24 has seen, which stated that a Grade 9 girl had tested positive for Covid-19.

“Her sibling and parents were also tested and all tested negative. The family is enforcing self-quarantine and has been since Thursday afternoon,” the letter says.

“In view of the rising numbers, President Cyril Ramaphosa has called for an urgent Cabinet meeting to be held on Sunday. This meeting will explore ways of intensifying the country’s response to this outbreak,” Mkhize said in a satement on Saturday.

On Friday, the department said the number of cases stood at 24.

Detailing the eight new cases, the NICD said:

In Gauteng, the new Covid-19 cases comprise of:
A 39-year-old woman who travelled to Switzerland and Austria.
A 50-year-old man who travelled to Austria,
A 21-year-old woman who travelled to Italy.
A 57-year-old man who travelled to Switzerland;
A 79-year-old from KwaZulu-Natal man reported having travelled to Greece and Italy.
A 52-year-old man travelled to Switzerland;

The two cases from the Western Cape comprise of:
A 46-year-old man who travelled to Italy.
A 50-year-old man who travelled to Switzerland and Austria.

“The eight patients have since been isolated and are receiving care,” said the NICD.

Seven new cases have now been confirmed in Gauteng:

A 76-year-old man who had travelled to the UK and the US;
A 72-year-old woman who had travelled to the UK and the US;
A 47-year-old man who had travelled to the UK and the US;
A 52-year-old man who had travelled to Germany;
A 38-year-old man who had travelled to the Netherlands and Germany;
A 62-year-old man who had travelled to the Netherlands;
A 19-year-old woman who had travelled to France and Italy.

There are six new cases in the Western Cape:

A 27-year-old man who had travelled to Brazil;
A 33-year-old woman who had travelled to France;
A 49-year-old man who had travelled to France and Italy;
A 14-year-old woman who had travelled to the US and Dubai;
A 73-year-old man who had travelled to the UK;
A 32-year-old man who had travelled to the UK.
One more case has been announced in KwaZulu-Natal.

A 47-year-old man who had travelled to Switzerland.

Mkhize says all patients had been informed and all information has been verified. Contact tracing is now underway.




Tonto Dikeh is pregnant?

A source who rolls in the close circuit of Tonto Dikeh has claimed that the actress is reportedly 4 months pregnant.

In a report by Vanguard, a source close to the actress, revealed that she has a new man in her life and she has been has been full of life in the past few months and she is always beaming of unending happiness.

“It’s not a rumour, everyone close to her know she’s happy with a new man in her life. She’s about 4 months pregnant now” the source whispered with a plea of anonymity.



LEWIS HAMILTON shows Cristiano Ronaldo’s son experience ‘two or three have had

LEWIS HAMILTON showed football legend Cristiano Ronaldo around his Mercedes garage ahead of the Monaco Grand Prix and treated the Juventus star’s son to a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Lewis Hamilton
Lewis Hamilton showed Cristiano Ronaldo around his garage in Monaco (Image: GETTY)

Hamilton was captured speaking to Ronaldo in the garage about topics unknown to the public.

The F1 star skipped media duties yesterday to take time to come to terms with the loss of Niki Lauda, who sadly passed away on Monday night.

However, he appeared to be holding himself together very well as he chatted with the five-time Ballon d’Or winner.

Hamilton even picked up Cristiano Ronaldo Jnr and placed him in the Mercedes cockpit.

According to Sky Sports F1’s Simon Lazenby, only a handful of people have been lucky enough to share the honour.

“Cristiano Ronaldo inside the Mercedes garage. He [Hamilton] will give you a tour,” Lazenby said.

“Cristiano Ronaldo and his son, Cristiano Ronaldo Jnr, getting a view which only two or three people have had.

“That’s his chief mechanic, himself and now Ronaldo Jnr.”

Lewis Hamilton
Lewis Hamilton lifted Cristiano Ronaldo Jnr into his Mercedes cockpit (Image: Sky Sports F1)
Lewis Hamilton
The youngster was delighted to be sat in Lewis Hamilton’s seat (Image: Sky Sports F1)

After showing his new friend around his car, Hamilton whizzed around the Monaco Grand Prix track, setting the fastest times in both practice sessions.

His team-mate, Valtteri Bottas, came close second and again they were way ahead of their Ferrari rivals.

The pair are racing this weekend in memory of former non-executive chairman Lauda.

Bottas stepped in for Hamilton at the pre-race press conference and gave an update on his team-mates condition.

Lewis Hamilton
Cristiano Ronaldo and Lewis Hamilton chatted in front of the cameras (Image: GETTY)

“Yeah, I saw him today,” Bottas said of Hamilton.

“Everything was normal. I just got a request from our marketing team to be in the press conference.

“So that’s all I know really. He seemed OK.”

Actress Tonto Dikeh shades those who said she will never marry again

Actress, Tonto Dikeh has told those who thinks she’ll never find another man to marry herthat they have no power over her, and as such cannot dictate what will happen to her life.

In an Instagram post on Monday, the mother of one, who has been in the news in last few weeks, chided those who the past said she didnt have a womb, yet she brought forth King, her son.
^My laughter when I hear people say “Oo no man gonno marry you again..
#I once heard I had no womb,BOOM came KING!!

4 years old saves her life and 6 other kids for dialling 911 while left in a hot car

A mom in Maryland was arrested after a four-year-old boy called 911 while waiting unsupervised for her in a hot car.

The mom had gone shopping at the mall in St. Charles, Maryland. While she shopped, she left seven children alone in the car in the heat. The doors were unlocked, but she reportedly told the kids not to leave the vehicle. The windows were rolled up.

The kids ranged in age from two years old to four years old. They were in the car waiting for at least 20 minutes, and temperatures were around 80 degrees.

Finally, a four-year-old boy used a phone in the vehicle to call the police.

Officers arrived and released the kids, who were “scared” and “sweaty.”

“It is against the law to leave a child under the age of 8 unattended inside a motor vehicle if the caregiver is out of sight of the child unless a reliable person at least 13-years-old remains with the child,” the Charles County sheriff’s office said.

The woman arrived about 10 minutes after the police got there; she faces a charge of confinement of children inside a motor vehicle.


It’s a well-known fact at this point that it’s dangerous to leave kids or pets alone in hot cars with the windows rolled up. Cars basically become ovens in the heat, and children and pets are much more susceptible to the heat than adult humans.


The danger is even greater than many people realize. According to Consumer Reports, even on a 61-degree day, temperatures inside of a closed car can reach over 100 degrees in an hour.


“Temperatures that might seem comfortable for adults can quickly become dangerous for children,” Orly Avitzur, MD, told Consumer Reports.

Despite consistent warnings to the public, though, caregivers continue to put children at risk by leaving them in hot cars.


In fact, more children died from being left in hot cars in 2018 than in the past 21 years.

A 37-year-old woman in Maryland is now facing the consequences for this action — and luckily, all of the children she put at risk are alive, thanks to the heroic effort of a four-year-old boy.

Charles County Sheriff’s Office

The mom went to the mall and left seven children in her two-door car in the parking lot. She was the mom of two of the children, and she was babysitting the other five.


The mom went on a shopping trip inside for at least 20 minutes. Meanwhile, she instructed the kids to stay in the car.


It was a hot day, and the windows were rolled up.

After some time, a four-year-old boy used a phone in the car to call 911.


The boy wasn’t sure where they were, but the police were able to use GPS and “other mechanisms” to pinpoint the location of the vehicle.

Authorities arrived to the scene to find the seven children “scared” and “sweaty.”


Charles County Fire & EMS came to tend to the children, and they provided treatment on the scene. Thankfully, none of the kids had to go to the hospital for treatment.


Shortly after, the mom returned from shopping. She wouldn’t explain to authorities what she had been doing or why she left the kids in the car.


“As a reminder, it is against the law to leave a child under the age of eight unattended inside a motor vehicle if the caregiver is out of sight of the child unless a reliable person at least 13-years-old remains with the child,” the Charles County sheriff’s office said.

“It is also dangerous to leave anyone, including pets, inside a motor vehicle especially as outside temperatures become warmer. The temperature inside a parked car can quickly rise to extremely high and even fatal levels in a short period of time.”


The woman was arrested on the scene. She has been charged with confinement of children inside a motor vehicle. Authorities also discovered that there was only one car seat in the car.


Additional charges are “pending.”

The Department of Social Services also responded to the case and is assisting the police with the investigation.


There’s really NO excuse to leave such young children unsupervised at all, let alone in such a dangerous situation.

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