See what this girl did,that makes people to blast her on Facebook.

This Girl Need Jesus, See What A 16 Yrs Old Girl Posted On Facebook That Made People Blast Her

There is no doubt that facebook was created by a Russian Billionaire, Mark Zuckerberg for facebook users to post and share pictures, video and also retrieve messages from new friends on the platform. Mark Zuckerberg owns the platform and he managed it since I created account with it. These days Many youngsters use the platform to chase clout and post different kinds of things on it which makes users to hurled insults at them or criticize the post.

In today’s article, we want to share with you a controversial post I came across while scrolling through facebook news feed today. A facebook user identified as Dabere Chi who resides in owerri, IMO state posted a picture on a popular facebook group and got people hurling insults at her. The post shared by a beautiful igbo girl, aged 16 years cause lots of heartwarming reactions and controversy from users on facebook. She shared the photos with the adorable caption, “Imagine all this niggas, you can’t afford my cream,yet if I post you will be begging me to date you. I’m very expensive and I don’t date broke guys.”

Check out screenshot of post made by the gorgeous igbo girl below,

Upon seeing this, many facebook users took to the comment section to react differently and some people were upset with the post as they blast her for posting such thing while others were pissed off because the 16-years old girl said she can’t date broke boys.

Read facebook users reaction below

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38 south Africans test positive to coronavirus-see list of where they come from and the country they visited.

The Department of Health has confirmed that the first South African person under 18 has tested positive for Covid-19.

On Saturday, Health Minister Zweli Mkhize said the 14-year-old from the Western Cape was among 14 new cases who had tested tested positive for the virus. This brings the number of cases in the country to 38.

Earlier on Saturday, the United Herzlia Schools in Cape Town sent parents a letter, which News24 has seen, which stated that a Grade 9 girl had tested positive for Covid-19.

“Her sibling and parents were also tested and all tested negative. The family is enforcing self-quarantine and has been since Thursday afternoon,” the letter says.

“In view of the rising numbers, President Cyril Ramaphosa has called for an urgent Cabinet meeting to be held on Sunday. This meeting will explore ways of intensifying the country’s response to this outbreak,” Mkhize said in a satement on Saturday.

On Friday, the department said the number of cases stood at 24.

Detailing the eight new cases, the NICD said:

In Gauteng, the new Covid-19 cases comprise of:
A 39-year-old woman who travelled to Switzerland and Austria.
A 50-year-old man who travelled to Austria,
A 21-year-old woman who travelled to Italy.
A 57-year-old man who travelled to Switzerland;
A 79-year-old from KwaZulu-Natal man reported having travelled to Greece and Italy.
A 52-year-old man travelled to Switzerland;

The two cases from the Western Cape comprise of:
A 46-year-old man who travelled to Italy.
A 50-year-old man who travelled to Switzerland and Austria.

“The eight patients have since been isolated and are receiving care,” said the NICD.

Seven new cases have now been confirmed in Gauteng:

A 76-year-old man who had travelled to the UK and the US;
A 72-year-old woman who had travelled to the UK and the US;
A 47-year-old man who had travelled to the UK and the US;
A 52-year-old man who had travelled to Germany;
A 38-year-old man who had travelled to the Netherlands and Germany;
A 62-year-old man who had travelled to the Netherlands;
A 19-year-old woman who had travelled to France and Italy.

There are six new cases in the Western Cape:

A 27-year-old man who had travelled to Brazil;
A 33-year-old woman who had travelled to France;
A 49-year-old man who had travelled to France and Italy;
A 14-year-old woman who had travelled to the US and Dubai;
A 73-year-old man who had travelled to the UK;
A 32-year-old man who had travelled to the UK.
One more case has been announced in KwaZulu-Natal.

A 47-year-old man who had travelled to Switzerland.

Mkhize says all patients had been informed and all information has been verified. Contact tracing is now underway.


2023-$11M have been raised for igbo presidency-ohaneze Youth.

Okechukwu Isiguzoro, Ohanaeze Youths President

Ohanaeze Ndigbo Youth Council Worldwide says it has already raised $11million for the realisation of its project of ensuring that Nigeria’s next president is of Igbo stock.

OYC President General, Mazi Okechukwu Isiguzoro who revealed this in a statement,  said the fund was raised by the diaspora arm of the Council through freewill donation as part of its aggressive push to ensure the emergence of Nigerian of Southeast origin as the country’s president in 2023.

OYC added in the statement that it has also embarked on aggressive lobbying of the two Nigerian main political parties –  the All Progressives Congress (APC) and the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) to select their 2023 presidential candidates  from the South East and Igbo speaking parts of the South South, especially Ikwerre in Rivers State and Anioma in Delta State

Mazi Isiguzoro added in the statement “Talks are on with the APC and the PDP to zone the 2023   presidential tickets to Southern Nigeria.  First of all, the OYC had reached out through appropriate channels to major political parties for them to respect the gentleman agreement on rotational presidency between the North and the South. If it’s achieved, then it will be  equitable for the only geo political zone which has never taken a shot at the presidency since 50 years after the Biafra war to  be encouraged to produce all the presidential candidates for 2023.

“The OYC diaspora through freewill donation has raised $11million for the realisation of Nigerian president of Igbo stock in 2023.

“The OYC has already cemented agreement with middle belt youths, who are co-coordinating the Igbo presidency project. Talks are on with Yoruba Council of Youths and Afenifere Youth leaders on the journey for Igbo presidency.

“The Arewa Youth Consultative Youth Forum led by Alhaji Yerima Shettima has accepted to host our delegation by February 2020 in Arewa House Kaduna, for deliberation on the way forward.”

23 year old Nigerian man is about to marry her American lover,says Nigerian woman dont know what true love means.

23-year-old Isa Sulaiman who is about to wed his American lover, Janine Sanchez, 46, in a matter of weeks has said Nigeria women don’t know what true love means. EYAH!

According to him, true love to Nigerian women is if they her eyeing something or have plans. He stated this in an interview with BBC Pidgin.

“Di truth be say our women no sabi wetin be true love, it is either dem dey eye somthin or dem get plans but if white woman tell you say she love you, bros she mean am from di bottom of her heart”, the former barber said.

Speaking on how they met and fell in love, Isa said;

“We meet after i start to follow her for instagram and if she post pishure i go like am, den afta small time I come see say some Yahoo boys dey try scam her, so I send her message say make she no mind those pipo so dat tin come attract her, e show her say na honest pesin I be. Na dat one first attract her.”

“From dia we come dey chat wella, video calls and na all dat one lead us to this level wey we dey.”

When asked if they both sleep in the same room since Janine came to Kano, he said: 

“We no dey sleep for di same room, i dey stay with her till night before i go tell her good night, even dis one wey we dey do (small hugs and holding hands) pipo dey talk talkless of sleeping together.”

Speaking about relocating to America immediately after their wedding, he said;

“Afta di wedding for March by God’s grace na US straight for dia I go get work, go back to school na just secondary school i stop and hopefully get soccer team wey i go play for.”
 Janine also spoke about meeting his family and how happy she is that they accepted her.

“I don meet im family more dan 100 of dem and e sweet me say all of dem gree for us to marry, many of dem neva see white woman before, na so dem come dey play wit my hair, dey touch my hand.”

“I dey go back by next month and I go return for March for our wedding before me and am go move to America finally.”

Janine, 46, is a chef in California and a mom of two. It’s the first time she and Isa would meet one on one.

3 reasons why having Enemies is important in your life


Nobody wants to have enemies because of the negative impact they have on our lives, infact if its possible to live through a lifetime and not have a single enemiesw that would probably be the prayer everyone wants in their lives, but don’t be surprised enemies also has a good impact if you can be able to identify and untilize them.

Enemies serves a great important in our life if only you will be able to point out those reasons of their importance and use them to your benefit, keep reading as we highlight three reasons why having enemies is important.
1. They Help Tell You When You Are Wrong

Someone who doesnt have an enemy is always right, why you may ask? Now come to think of it, imagine everybody is you Friend, and when we say friend Here we actually mean your true friend who will always tell you your are not doing bad just to either encourage you or maybe not to offend you.

Lets take an instance to clarify what we are saying, you took a action which judging from correct was not the right one, a close friend may not notice you mistake and would be in your support, your enemies of course are definitely the one to notice your mistake and criticise you, this will point out your mistakes and you take precautions to avoid them next time.

2. Enemies Help You Gain The Strength To Handle Criticism

You will believe with me on this one, your friends try as much as possible to avoid critising you and they do that almost all the time, but your enemies will expose in broad daylight to the world, they are always ready to criticise you, you ability to avoid and defeat such criticism from enemies defines your strength to handle such when they come from anywhere later on.

This is kind of rebouncing to our first reason, that they help you realize you mistakes because they are always ready to spell mistakes out.

3. Your Enemies Makes You Work Harder

Have ever been mocked before by friends? Of course that barely happens people you call your true friends don’t dare mock you but you see your enemies, they derives joy doing that. When enemies mock you it should sparks you up to defeat them, to prove them wrong, it makes you put in you 100% to ensure you prove them wrong and giving in your best actually makes you work harder.

Ability to edure criticism and humiliation from enemies makes you tough and propels you to work harder than before.

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