26 years old film herself Abusing 6years old boy in sexual ac

Today we bring to you Celebs who got Teenagers pregnant.

Even though MTV’s hit show Teen Mom has effectively made celebrities out of everyday kids who played it fast and loose with birth control, there are plenty of already famous folk who’ve found themselves in the same situation. A wide array of musicians, actors, and athletes have […]


The Networth of Nipsey hussle-interesting facts.

Born Ermias Asghedom, rapper and philanthropist Nipsey Hussle was tragically gunned down in front of The Marathon Clothing store, a retail business he co-created. “The philosophy of this retail space is to be an experience, and while you’re in the process of the experience, you’re surrounded by branded products,” […]

Limpopo mother accuses hospital for swapping her baby

Sesona Mahlahla Sesona Mahlahla The premature baby weighed 172 grams and the mother was not allowed to see the baby for the first three days. A Limpopo woman has accused the Mankweng Hospital of swapping her baby. DNA tests are now being conducted. The mother gave birth […]

WWE star took her own life after responding to 300 fan letters

Ashley Massaro died in hospital on May 16 FORMER WWE star Ashley Massaro took her own life after responding to fan letters, it has been reported The stunning wrestler and Playboy model, who also competed on Survivor, died in hospital on Thursday at the age of 39. Her […]

Arnold Schwarzenegger speak up after being attacked by an ‘idiot’ in South Africa

He’s a good sport. Hollywood star Arnold Schwarzenegger was attacked on Saturday during his annual Arnold Classic Africa sports festival. At the event in Sandton, Johannesburg, the 71-year-old was kicked from behind by one of the festival attendees, and he took to Twitter to share an update […]