Taxi Driver and conductor Rapes a 25 years old



This incident happended ealier today in KZN where a 25-year-old wowan was raped at gun point by a taxi driver and his conductor.The woman was on her way to visit her boyfriend in Stanger when she entered a Hiace Taxi that had no passangers.The two suspects conviced her that they were going the same direction.

To her surprise,she asked the two why the taxi was empty and the conductor took a cloth and covered her face.

She was told her to keep quiet or they will shoot her.They eventually took another route and went to the cane field where the two took turns raping her at gun point.Eventually the taxi driver and his condutor left her in the field and she managed to get to the N2 freeway close to the Sibaya Casino where she stopped a motorist which called for help.

The victim explained that she was raped by two men on gunpoint when asked by a female Reaction Officer.Apparently the 25-year-old woman cleared that she is HIV postive+ and wanted to tell the two suspects about her status but she was scared that they will kill her.

The police has opened a rape case against the two suspects.


The police also plead anyone with valid information regarding the whereabouts of the two suspect to immediately contact the police

See 3 part of a lady she expects you to touch but she wont Tell you..

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You have to be able to relate to your partner to a certain extent while you are in a relationship, certain things you don’t have to tell your partner until you realize that they actually want those things. Ladies don’t really want to open up things in a relationship because the company has made them submissive and not too demanding in a relationship. That’s why women are typically drawn to mature guys who can spot things without saying something.

I’ll show you in this article three pieces of a lady she expects you to contact, but she will not tell you.

1. Her back

Ladies expect you as a man with street maturity to always brush your back so they relax and get rid of a certain amount of tension. There is also a stirring feeling that ladies get when they rub their back, and that stirring feeling is something they like. That’s why you want them to touch your back.

Until you react to this expectation, you do not have to be good at massage, just you need to care enough to help your lady get rid of some tension.

2. Her Hair

You should’ve noticed that ladies love it, especially if you appreciate its beauty or intelligency, but they prefer it most of the time, if you appreciate its beauty. And one of the ways that you expect this affection is by rubbing your hair.

The hair is one of the things that express the beauty of women and that explains why they spend several hours hair-making for them to look beautiful.

So any time you see your lady just made her hair, make sure you caress her and tell her how beautiful she looks..

3. Her Feet

Women typically overwork themselves, they accumulate a lot of tension during their work from doing homework to their workplaces, which explains why they want you to touch their feet, caress it so you can relax and feel better. The ladies usually stand on their feet for a very long time while doing housework, and this sometimes causes them to suffer from feet, so that they except you are the one who touches your feet, massages and relieves them of the pain.

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19 years old boy died after sleeping with a prostitute.

A 19 year old boy only identified as Christpen from Glendale in Zimbabwe has died after sleeping with a prostitute and refusing to pay.

Rumor has it that the boy had sex with a prostitute then fled away without paying. After two days his belly started to swell and he was unable to go to the toilet to release. When he saw that he could not contain it anymore he went to his parents and told them what had happened.

The parents are reportedly to have gone to the prostitute’s house to try and negotiate and offered her 20 US dollars which she refused. She said she wanted 150 USD instead which they could not find to give her.

After that Christpen is reported to have urinated probably 20 liters of urine before passing on during midnight. It’s such a tragic to lose such a young life to such a horrific death with things that could have been easily avoided.

People have turned to Facebook to express their opinions on the issue some saying they cannot prove that the prostitute was responsible for the boy’s death as you cannot pin point that it was witchcraft. Others are also saying the prostitute should just be arrested no matter what. What is your take on this?

2 south African test positive on coronavirus as 151 others get stranded in Wuhan china

Two South African citizens who tested positive for coronavirus (Covid-19) on a Japanese cruise ship will only return to SA once they test negative, Health Minister Zweli Mkhize has said.

“We have been assured that they are recovering. When they test negative they will be free to return, except those going through quarantine.

“Thereafter they will return without restrictions,” Mkhize said at a briefing on Sunday in Johannesburg.

The briefing comes after President Cyril Ramaphosa announced on Thursday that the government was planning to repatriate South African citizens from the Chinese city of Wuhan, where the deadly coronavirus originated.

The 151 citizens who will be returning from Wuhan, China have not tested positive for the deadly virus, Mkhize said. They are healthy, but will still go through a 21-day quarantine period.

The South African government was alerted by Japanese authorities through the South African embassy in Tokyo on February 25, that there were 12 South African crew members working on board the Diamond Princess cruise ship when it was affected by Covid-19.

The two South Africans were part of the crew.

“We are in constant contact with our embassy in Japan and the Diamond Princess parked off the coast of Yokohama.

“Those citizens from the cruise liner are receiving direct contact with our team to monitor their progress,” Mkhize added.

News24 earlier reported the health ministry stated that the remaining 10 crew members who did not test positive would “be permitted to disembark the ship as per the instructions of their employer after they test negative for coronavirus, be subjected to a further 14-day quarantine in Japan, then further tested thereafter to determine if they may be cleared for travel”.

At this stage, South Africa is still free of the virus, with no confirmed case of Covid-19 as of Sunday, Mkhize said.


An interesting fact about U.S and NDIGBO,Why they are inseparable.

IPOB’s Nnamdi Kanu and U.S President-elect Donald J. Trump

Cybercrime is condemnable, it is the new face of inter-continental fraud. Just as we all condemn Taubman Goldie and his band of scammers who kidnapped our land in the past, we must also rise against our children who think this is payback time.

From the list released, most of the Yahoo millionaires bear Igbo names. This does not do Ndigbo any good because they have given so much to the United States and are also very much loved by the Americans.

I am not going to pretend about this. If Igbo land were colonized by America instead of  Britain, the world would have been importing so much from here. America is also home.

Nigeria’s first president, Dr. Nnamdi Azikiwe, was the first Nigerian to graduate from an American University. While others were journeying by sea to the United Kingdom to study, Zik chose the United States.

Let us look at the attachment. There is a large concentration of Ndigbo in the US. President of World Igbo Assembly, Dr. Nwachukwu Anakwenze, says:” the important thing to note is that four major groups founded America.

“They are the English, the Irish, the German and the Igbo. Half of African-Americans are Igbo people who were those kidnapped and taken into slavery.”

We must understand that while the ‘Mayflower’ ferried the Pilgrim Fathers from Europe to America in search of freedom of worship, the ‘Jesus’ took many blacks to American plantations. The Igbo wanted freedom and showed signs early enough.

In the State of Virginia, there is an Igbo village and museum. It was not set up by Dr Anakwenze who is the chairman, it was established by the government and he was tasked with the job of overseer.

So there is a very strong link between Ndigboand Americans. Edward James Roye, the fifth president of Liberia was born in Newark Ohio, in 1815, to Igbo

parents, before relocating to Monrovia.

Edward Wilmot Blyden, the great scholar and liberator were Igbo too. So was Paul Robeson, actor, singer and author. Today, we have great Americans like T.D. [Thomas Dexter] Jakes and Forest Whitaker, identifying their roots.

Whitaker took a flight to Nigeria and found home in Nkwerre, Imo State where he was honoured with the chieftaincy title of ‘Nwanne di na mba’ [sibling who lives away]. Danny Glover became ‘Enyioma’ [Good friend].

In Oklahoma, there is a town called Ada. In 1918, Evangelist Oral Roberts was born there. Ada is the Igbo word for first daughter. You will find Americans bearing that name even if it has a different meaning.

Ada Lunardoni was a member of the US gymnastics team to the Berlin ’36 Olympic Games. There is a place in Nebraska, called Omaha. It is also the name of AIT Reporter, Ngozi Omaha.

When Dr. Sam Mbakwe wanted to establish the Imo State University he sought technical assistance from Nebraska. That was before Gen. Ike Nwachukwu moved the permanent site to Abia State.

Americans also bear Ike. President Dwight David Eisenhower was known as Ike. Another Ike married pop star, Tina Turner.

Also read: Breaking: Turn yourself in to FBI, FG tells indicted Nigerians

The connection is deep. Theophilus Uzochukwu Chukwuemeka Okonkwo left his Canadian university in 1955 to study at Patrice Lumumba Friendship University, Moscow. The Soviets tagged him American spy and expelled the young man.

Biafran Foreign minister, Mathew Tawo Mbu, said the United States loved Biafra but could not do much. I guess they did not want to hurt the British.

Some Americans showed affection. Bruce Mayrock, 20, set himself ablaze at the United Nations on May 30, 1968, to draw attention to the genocide in Biafra. He could have been saved by the fire service but the man chose to die for Biafra.

On June 30, 1969, August Harvey Martin, died at the Uli Airport when his aircraft bringing food and relief materials ran into a rainstorm. He defied air and ground attacks by the Nigerian military.

In Illinois, there is respect for Biafra, thanks to Chima Enyia who began as an intern with Pat Quinn and got Governor Bruce Rauner to issue an official statement in remembrance of the crisis.

More positive things are happening. From Austin Esogbue, the first African employee of NASA, to Kimberly Anyadike, who at 15, in 2010, became the youngest black female to fly solo across the US, there is good news.

Chinedu Echeruo and Tobenna  Arodiogbu are making clean money and employing Americans. In entertainment, there are Emmy Award-winning actress, Uzoamaka Nwanneka Aduba, Tyler Okonma and Jidenna.

In sports, it is a success story. Azuka Habour left Enugu Rangers in 1982, by 1991 he was the American professional soccer leading scorer. From Maryland Bays, he joined Tampa Bay Rowdies in 1992.

Habour ended the season as top scorer with 13 goals. He played for the US national team at Saudi 1992. After him came Oguchialu Chilioke Onyewu who played at the Germany 2006 World Cup.

Maurice Edu played against Nigeria at the Beijing 2008 Olympics. Chioma Ubobagu faced the Falconets at the female Under -20 championships, Japan 2012. Nnemkadi Ogwumike helped defeat D’ Tigress last year in Tenerife.

Chinwoke Mbadinuju, yes, the ex-governor, played football for America in 1969 while at New York State University. Junior players include Amechi Igwe, son of ‘World Two’ Tony Igwe, Amechi Anugu, Mathew Okoh and Ike Opara.

In basketball, you will find Emeka Okafor and Chinanu Onuaku who captained the US   to gold at the FIBA Under-19 championship, Greece 2015.

Prominent athletes include Courtney Okolo, Barbara Nwaba, Amarachi Ukabam, Jessica Onyepunuka, Jennifer Madu and Keturah Orji.

Glory Asumnu and Emerald Egwim pledged allegiance to Nigeria after competing for America while Christie Opara-Thompson did the opposite.

Claudia Anyaso caps it all. She is American, got married to an Igbo. In 1986, Claudia was at United States Information Service, Lagos. Over a decade after leaving Nigeria, she returned to the US Embassy in Abuja. Call it One love.


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