10 Richest igbo men in Nigeria presently.

8 Reasons why women cheat

Everyone is involved in some kind of self-justification of all sorts of slight misconducts, such as telling a white lie (“I didn’t want to harm her emotions”). Even when you discover that your girlfriend has cheated on you, it’s not the end of the word. We […]


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Woman poses selfie with his Ex-husband soaked in blood ‘ as the man tries to strangle her

Olga Vaori says her former lover tried to strangle her during a booze fuelled argument in Surgut, Russia A WOMAN posed for a chilling selfie with her blood-drenched ex-husband after knifing him during an argument, according to police Olga Vaori told her friends “it looks like […]

Today we bring to you Celebs who got Teenagers pregnant.

Even though MTV’s hit show Teen Mom has effectively made celebrities out of everyday kids who played it fast and loose with birth control, there are plenty of already famous folk who’ve found themselves in the same situation. A wide array of musicians, actors, and athletes have […]

A restaurant worker caught bathing in the kitchen sink.

A major restaurant chain is investigating after a video uploaded to Facebook appeared to show a semi-naked employee bathing in the kitchen sink at one of its diners. The incident which was supposedly filmed at Wendy’s Milton branch in the US state of Florida, depicts […]