Pietermaritzburg mum forgives son who stabbed 7 times

A Pietermaritzburg mother has apparently forgiven her son for repeatedly stabbing her last week after he had become frustrated when he could not find his bank card.
While Sen Govender’s seven wounds to her shoulder, neck and forehead are still fresh, she is said to be ready to stand by her son, Pregalathan, 34, who is facing a charge of attempted murder.
According to a relative, last Sunday Pregalathan was at his Orient Park home and became angry after he misplaced his bank card. Govender, 65, a mother of two, was also unable to locate it.

She was then stabbed with a pair of scissors.

A neighbour, who heard the commotion, intervened, the relative, John Govender, said.
She was taken to the hospital, while her son allegedly fled the family home in his car.

Members of the area’s community policing forum later found him in a car park.

He appeared in the Pietermaritzburg Magistrate’s Court last Tuesday and was remanded in police custody. His formal bail application is scheduled for next week.

John Govender said his aunt had spent Mother’s Day yearning for Pregalathan.

“It has been a rough time for all of us,” he said.

“This is not a gruesome story where he wanted to cause harm to his mother. We believe it is something that occurred because Pregs could have been upset. He has a history of mental illness.”

He said in 2006, while studying towards a BCom degree, he had fallen into a depression.

“Pregs battled with depression for a long time and has gone through years of therapy.”

He added that while his aunt remained committed to standing by him, they hoped Pregalathan received the help he needed.

“My cousin’s mental health is deteriorating, and he is at a fragile state. We hope he can go for an assessment and get the long-term help he would need. He needs to also face up to what he has done.

“His mother told us that she would like to have him in her care when, or if, he is released. But we advised her that it would be best that he gets help from a professional at a treatment centre.”

He added that people on social media have labelled his cousin a “druggie” who was “high” when he committed the offence. “This has hurt the family. They are judging Pregs, but no one understands what he is going through. He is a humble, kind and loving person, who would never do things to upset anyone.

“It’s upsetting to the family that he is being made out to look like a monster, when all he needs is help.

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EFF leader Julius Malema has fired a warning to lazy party leaders, to either shape up or ship out. Malema wants those not adding value to the Red Berets and those being retained due to friendships to go.

Julius Malema

The EFF grew to just over 1.8 million votes and now has 44 members of parliament but those who Malema regards as lazy leaders should be worried. The party’s national chairperson, Dali Mpofu, may be in the line of fire….

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Top 5 Nigerian celebrities who are Notorious womanizer,No 1 even had a baby with his Nollywood colleague

5 Nigerian celebrities who are NOTORIOUS WOMANIZERS – No.1 even had a child with his Nollywood colleague (Pictures)

These celebrities have been seen or called Womanizers, Heartbreakers or playboys by different women at different times in the media. For sure, the women maybe the ones going after these guys since they are celebrities and when they (guys) decide to move on they (women) would start screaming that they’ve been used and dumped by them.

5. Tchidi Chikere

Tchidi was reported to have dated lots of upcoming and established actresses. He was linked to Genevieve Nnaji in the early part of her career among others. While still married to his estranged wife, Sophia, he was reportedly dating other women including actress Nuella Njubigbo who he later got married to.

4.  D’Banj

I Have Dumped D’Banj, He’s A Womanizer –Jennifer Obayuwana

UK Daily Mail Describes D’banj As A ‘Legendary Womaniser’. Topping the list is the one and only Koko master. Dbanj is a lady’s man and has the charms to get the babes. Dbanj has dated lots of known and unknown damsels.

The one that gave him the “Womanizer” tag was his crumbled relationship with a billionaire’s daughter, Jennifer Obayuwana, who claimed to have left D’banj because he’s a Womanizer. She said:

“For the record, I am no longer dating D’Banj. It’s true we dated about four years ago and we have since called it quit… I left him (D’Banj) because he is a womanizer, you know now.”

3.  Jim Iyke

“I Wasted Six Years Of My Life With Jim Iyke”- ex GF Keturah Hamilton Lamented

The popular actor has been called a Heartbreaker and a Womanizer many times. The one that easily comes to mind was when his estranged fiancée, Kentura accused Jim of having used and dumped her. Jim dumped Stephnora Okere for Kentura thus breaking Stephnora’s heart as she recently disclosed that she still loves Jim. Then he later dumped Kentura for stunning Nadia..Jimmy really loves jumping sha, so lets call him “Jimmy Jump Off”..

Ketura told Diasporan Star:

Keturah said she feels used and dumped

“I played along in the reality show as if I truly was a jealous and crazy lover. It was an act, but now I feel as if Jim set me up. He is a wicked man. I stood by him through all his troubles and tribulations. I helped bring him to the limelight when the light of his career was dimming. He is an ingrate and I leave him to God.”

2. Iyanya


“I Really Loved Iyanya But He Had Other Girls”

In one of her interviews, stunning and sexy Ghanaian actress, Yvonne Nelson disclosed how the singer broke her heart and dumped her for another actress, Tonto (may be a fling) aside having fun with other girls.

1. Fred Amatah

The Nigerian media thinks that Fred is a womanizer after he got separated from her wife, Agatha, and got involved with a colleague of his, Ibinabo Fiberesima, who bore her a cute baby girl. Fred later left Ibinabo for another lady.

Image result for Ibinabo Fiberesima bears a daughter for fred amata

Nigerian superstar Davido show support to EFF and Julius malema

Unpacking the bromance between Davido and Julius Malema.

Image via Twitter: Davido @iam_Davido

Julius Malema and the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) have received words of encouragement and support from Nigerian singing sensation, Davido.

With South Africa entering election week amid the buzz of fierce political rhetoric and party showboating, international influencers are weighing in on the country’s upcoming contest. As the ballot box draws ever-nearer, support, whether tangible or theoretical, is welcomed by all political parties hoping to claim their piece of the electoral pie.

Davido and Julius Malema; the bromance

Davido, a multi-award winning performer, took to social media on Sunday to voice his support and respect for the EFF and its firebrand leader, Malema. Just hours after the Red Berets had closed the curtains on their final election rally at Orlando Stadium in Johannesburg, Davido posted an image of Malema on Instagram, with the caption stating:

“Good luck on the 8th of May sir. We all know you will make a great leader. To my brothers and sisters in South Africa, be safe as you go out and make your choice.”

A flattered Malema, who has blazed a particularly tumultuous election campaign trail, acknowledged Davido’s admiration and returned the favour, saying, simply:

“Thank you very much my brother.”

View image on Twitter

Public performers back political parties

Famous local musicians, performers and artists have also added their political voices into the mix. The African National Congress (ANC) has the support of one of South Africa’s bestselling artists, AKA.

The EFF have infamously shunned connections to the entertainment world, lambasting connections between performers and political parties – particularly with regards to the ANC’s roster. The Red Berets, do, however, have support from local performers, namely actor Fana Mokoena and ‘Sushi King’ Kenny Kunene.

The Democratic Alliance (DA) also has some healthy support from local performing artists. While performances at political rallies are generally not regarded as a show of outright support, the official opposition party had a star-studded line-up perform at a launch party in 2018. The bill included; Riky Rick, producer Sketchy Bongo, Distruction Boyz and Afrikaans singer Kurt Darren.

Zodwa wabantu proposed to ntobeko Linda on stage

Zodwa Wabantu and Ntobeko Linda

Zodwa Wabantu proposes to Ntobeko Linda on stage. As far as celebrity couples go, these 2 are my favourite. Zodwa Wabantu and Ntobeko Linda really know how to set those couple goals and we love them for that.

Zodwa who has been an inspiration to lots of women took to Instagram where she shared this picture with her boyfriend. She captioned it – “Tonight 💍I live my Life🔥🙇❤️ I will shake the World🌍 No Rules”

Zodwa Wabantu

That was before she proposed to the love her life right there on the stage. She said: “We as Women we give our Men Money to Marry us. Hard working Women hide that they Marry themselves by giving their Boyfriends money to go to their families to pay Lobola. Some Women get Desperate to have that Ring on their Fingers🤣 But I don’t mind showing reality cause everything that has to do with Zodwa Wabantu is real. Mine is Real, I will Marry him. Thank you @eyadiniloungenuz for Supporting me Always @jigamoney Ngiyabonga kakhulu 🙏❤️ Live your life they way you want🙌❤️ To every Woman👸 Dress/Skirt @urbanzulusa”

All this action happened at Eyadini Lounge and the crowd went wild as Zodwa bent on one knee holding a ring proposed to Ntobeko Linda. The man looked surprised, to say the least, but he was all smiles and full of love. These 2 are just the best! Congrats Zodwa Wabantu and Ntobeko Linda.

Zodwa Wabantu proposing to Ntobeko Linda
He said yes!!! Congratulations to the newly engaged #iyadilizokumangaza

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More Drama for Babes Wodumo

In the last two months alone, the Princess of Gqom has found herself spiralling out of control. It all started back in March when the star posted a late night Instagram live video of an argument between on and off again boyfriend, Mampintsha. In the now viral video, viewers can see Mampintsha placing his hands on the singer and striking her several times. read moreAre you unemployed and want a new job? Or maybe you have a job already and want to find greener pastures? We have all these amazing Job Listings just for you. Take a look and find that amazing Job Today.  – See All Listings

Distressing video shows when a circus trainer is being strangled to death by a giant snake-see VIDEO

The snake tamer appeared to handle the snake confidently before suddenly falling to his knees and then flat on the ground

DISTRESSING video shows a circus trainer slumping to the ground in front of horrified parents and kids after being reportedly strangled to death by a huge snake during his act.

The audience are said to have believed at first it was part of the performance until the man began writhing in the ring and other circus workers rushed to his aid.

 The circus trainer was 'strangled by a large snake' during an open-air performance
The circus trainer was ‘strangled by a large snake’ during an open-air performance
 He appeared to handle the snake confidently before suddenly falling to his knees and then flat on the ground
He appeared to handle the snake confidently before suddenly falling to his knees and then flat on the ground

Authorities in Russia were today seeking to verify the location of the act which was not reported to police.

The shocking video shows the circus trainer going into the ring with a large snake – described as a python or boa constrictor – and acknowledges applause from watching children and parents as he wraps the reptile around his neck.

The snake tamer, who has not yet been named, appeared to handle the snake confidently before suddenly falling to his knees and then flat on the ground.


The shocking video shows the performer gesturing several times with his right hand, desperately signalling for help.

Within seconds, his arm movements got weaker and weaker.

Members of the circus team eventually come and pull the snake off him but by then the man appears seriously injured.

The audience then began to realise the circus trainer is in trouble, with some reports even claiming the snake tamer was killed in the ordeal.

The performer’s body appears limp, and the two team members are clearly fearful over his condition.

Guitar music from Belarus played during the performance by what is believed to be one of many travelling circuses touring around Russia.

When the video surfaced, reports said that it took place in Dagestan, a republic in southern Russian beside the Caspian Sea.


Voice of Dagestan news group reported: “It happened at a circus either in Makhachkala (city) or Kizilyurt (town).

“The python strangled the young man. The incident took place in the autumn, but the video emerged only yesterday.”

Another Dagestan outlet reported it was at a circus in Makhachkala, the regional capital, adding: “The python killed this lad.”

But police in the region said no such incident had been registered with them.

“It never happened with us,” said a police source.

“We deny this fact.”

The source added: “According to the authors of the video, the male trainer was killed.

“But we would like to believe that young man received help in time and survived.”

Pro-Kremlin REN TV later claimed the incident was 2,700 miles away in the Siberian city of Barnaul, but locals swiftly denied this, saying they had no such location as shown in the video.


Popular Russian newspaper Komsomolskaya Pravda then suggested the circus was in Alexandrov town, Vladimir region, 76 miles northeast of Moscow.

The report claimed it was “most likely” the shocking tragedy happened here.

Police were urgently seeking to verify where and when the incident took place, and the fate of the performer.

 The large snake was described to be either a python or boa constrictor
The large snake was described to be either a python or boa constrictor
 The snake tamer was seen acknowledging applause from watching children and parents as he wrapped the reptile around his neck
The snake tamer was seen acknowledging applause from watching children and parents as he wrapped the reptile around his neck

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