The coronavirus continues to claim more lives, leaving many more in Intensive Care Units, battling for survival and the economy in a fumbling position. Last week alone, the country experienced approximately 100 000 new Covid-19 cases. An alarming 20 000 new cases were recorded in just one single day. This definitely shows that the new second wave is more dangerous and deadly than the first wave.

With all this numbers skyrocketing so rapidly, many people are anticipating that level 4 lockdown is looming and will be introduced anytime soon.

However an insider told Sunday Times Daily, that the president will not be moving the country into a strict level 4 lockdown as many are anticipating; however there will be more strict and harsher restrictions implemented on the very same level 3 lockdown the country is

President Cyril Ramaphosa is expected to address the nation on Monday night, according to an insider in the national coronavirus command council and a hint from Gauteng premier David Makhura.

On Monday morning, Makhura dropped a hint that the much-awaited “family meeting” with the president would be held today.

Here is what the Insider said, about some of the restrictions president Cyril Ramaphosa will announce tonight. He said lockdown level 3 will be extended until February 15 and the curfew will be amended to between 9pm and 5am, from 9pm to 6am. Some of the land boarders will also be closed. 

He is not sure if the famous Beitbridge will also be closed; as it has been deemed a hot spot due to the influx of people from Zimbabwe. A video doing the rounds on social media platforms, shows a large crowd of people sleeping in the middle of the road, waiting to cross over to South Africa

If sure the Insider is telling the truth about the extension of level 3 lockdown, it only means that alchohol lovers will have to endure another 4 more weeks of dry throats. The current level 3 lockdown was due to elapse this Friday on the 15th of January; and the extension will leave many thirty citizens very devastated.

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