A Nigerian lady by name Vick has cried out in a video circulating on social media, telling the viewers the challenges she has been facing after she did a breast surgery performed by Dr Anu.

The woman Vick narrated in the video how she suffered different complications after the surgery she paid a total amount of N1.6 million. Vick said she a complained of having a red sign on her left breast, and Dr Anu placed on an injection for 4 weeks.

Vick then discovered she had abscess in both of her breasts, which was drained off by Dr Anu. The abscess kept coming back again and she had spent all her money on the surgery, Vick said she is at the Lagos University Teaching Hospital (LUTH) where the doctors want to drain off the abscess again in her breasts.


Watch video below:


Question :

1. Why don’t women like their body the way it is ?

2. What should be done to Dr Anu

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