My Man Called Me A Borehole – Lady Cries Out.

A Nigeria lady had shared story of how she was called a Borehole by her estraged lover. Borehole meaning her opening is just to big.

According to her account, she was regarded as very randy and promiscuous person who sleeps with anything that comes her way.

She also accused the man of raping her on the first night they shared together.

According to the lady, the guy checks her phone at will and she doesn’t complain because she is honest with him. She added that the guy abuses her at the slightest.

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They are now not the solely one bearing the disgrace alone, the stress is additionally coming from their respective family, mainly from their mothers, when a woman has attain the stage to get married, and there is no man involved in her , the household starts offevolved to be very anxious.

Possible answer to make positive she get married are carried out with the aid of her mother and father to take away disgrace from the girl.

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