That your marriage is peaceful doesn’t means others are also living happily therefore, you should always give thanks to your lord.

I have been married for the past 15 years and I have been a slave in my husband’s house, as I usually don’t have a say in the decision of my husband, I have lived under the same roof with him just like a soldier living under the control of his commander.

My husband sometimes may cease talking to me for months without any reason that is clear to me, except that he calls me when he wish sex. He goes to work in the morning and return late at night unquestionably, sometimes my husband will live for more than a week and will not contact me.

Many of my friends have advised me severally, some have advised that I seek divorce, while others have advised that I start fighting him, but the problem is that I still love him and I know my husband he is dangerous if I decide to fight him he can harm me severely.

House maid

Also, as a good Christian woman I have always believe my Lord will one day look into my affairs and bring my husband back to me, sometimes I fast for days praying to my lord and I know he will not forsake me.

What is happening in my family now is unbearable to me I am running out of patience, for somemdays now I have been noticing the sudden change in the way my husband is relating with my maid.

The other time I returned from work and met my maid standing in front of my husband and she was seriously smiling I asked her what was going on she said nothing reasonable.

Two days ago I took my maid’s phone and was going through his chats when I saw something shocking, my husband has been chatting with her for long and it is now clear that something serious has been going on between my husband and my maid.

My fear now is If I am not diplomatic with my steps it might cause me my marriage.

Pls I need your sincere advice on this matter what should I do pls?

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