What many south Africans do not know is that there are many south Africans living in other countries especially in Nigeria and Ghana. These south Africans are working for South African multinational companies like MTN, Johnsons, DSTV, shoprite, protea hotels and South African Airways and others which numbers about 120 according to the government list. These companies have south Africans as directors, managers, sales experts, brand executives technical advisors etc and guess what, many of them have no valid papers. I am currently in Nigeria, having followed my husband here for a business and I can tell you that the citizens here do not mind because they are too busy with work. They are so mad about this lock down. They want to get busy. They are not even expecting anything from their government. Am married to a Nigerian and am very much acquainted with their country

I think if we deport most of other Africans, Nigeria will play a big brother role and Close down most of our businesses here. They may even take over the businesses, who knows. If our people who are managers and directors here come back to South Africa, do we have managerial and directorial jobs for them? You can’t ask a director to stop so low and become a driver, it’s never done. Where do we fix them? I think we have been thinking in one direction. There are many south Africans living here and you don’t know about it because people here do not make noise about it. Can we just keep ourselves busy and mind less about unimportant things?

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