I moved to Banana with the money i made on Banana fall on you-says davido

Singer, Davido took to Twitter to post about the new house he got in Banana Island with money made from singing about

“banana falling on someone”.

The house, located in the exclusive highbrow area of Lagos, features a private lift, something the singer says he’s always wanted.

The singer who recently shared videos showing the interior of the house on Instagram, took to Twitter to write:

“Moved to banana with money I made from singing about bananas falling someone …. Cruise.”

It is not clear how much the new crib costs,

but the value of properties in the extremely exclusive area in Lagos cost billions of naira.

Recent photos of the Edo boy that hide in the tyre of a plane to lagos.

Arik flight, W3 544 would have been just another plane that landed at the Lagos airport. But on that August 24, 2013, a 13 year old boy named Daniel Ricky Ohikhena hid in the wheel well of Arik plane from Benin, Edo state to Lagos, believing the place was going to America. He was arrested at the local wing of the Murtala Mohammed Airport, Lagos and later taken back to Benin.

Daniel when he was arrested.

Daniel handed over to his mother.

Now Oshiomole boy

Recently with his mother. (Pix.courtesy: Vanguard.ng)

The boy who said his ambition was to be a pilot and decided to have his own cockpit in the tyre of the aeroplane said he had hoped to land in America but was surprised and disappointed that the plane only landed in Lagos. With the attention his action attracted nationwide, the then governor of Edo state, Comrade Adams Oshiomole requested that the boy should be brought to him. Either out of pity for him or love for his ambition or ingenuity, the governor decided to adopt him and offered him scholarship up to University level contrary to fears that the boy might face disciplinary actions having embarrassed the state.

Now the boy is grown and maturing into a young man. See his photos

LUCKY DUBE:i killed him cause i think he is a Nigerian-killing for hatred.

Eighteenth of October 2007 was one of the most miserable days in Africa, it was breaking news that the Ragga Ruler, Lucky Philip Dube had been killed by looters.

Nobody has an option to execute anybody however in the event that the looters knew what his identity was, they wouldn’t have done as such.

I don’t have the foggiest idea why a few people will simply have contempt and lack of respect forever.

Fortunate Dube was conceived in Mpumalanga in 1964, his mom raised only him and she named him fortunate on the grounds that she had many bombed pregnancies before him.

He was constantly associated with genuine things, he began as a cultivator and when it was not, at this point enough to battle for the family, he began going to class, joined the ensemble and shaped the skyway band where he framed the rastafari development.

All these didn’t make a difference as he proceeded to administer the raggae world in Africa, winning multi grants.

Quick forward to 2007, Lucky Dube was shot dead and when the executioner admitted, he slaughtered him since they thought he was Nigerian.

For what reason would that be? All things considered, Lucky Dube has recently dropped his child and girl in Rosetenville, he was in a Chrysler.

Nigerians do well in SA and they may have felt that solitary Nigerians live in extravagance as the Chrysler is a decent ride.

An ideal clarification of the proverb that says don’t toss stones at home since it might hit your relatives.

The individuals saw as liable were sent to life imprisonment.

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VIDEO-son beat up father for Refusing to give them money for food since ever the lockdown.

Ever since the outbreak of corona virus around the world things has never be the same again especially when you talk about the negative effect of corona virus to Africans.

Since the government has order every business activities to halt to prevent the rapid spread of corona virus, the standard of living has been very low especially to the poor people, to eat is now a very big problem to them because all their possible way of earning a living has been block due to total shutdown which is observed in all the states.

This has pose conflict in some family, a situation where by the man who is the head of the family is not able to provide food for the family, peace will never reign in such a family.

today we got a report through a video posted by an eyewitness, how a young boy beat up his father for failing to provide money for food ever since the lock-down started.

According to reports , the boy fought his father in anger as a result of his inability to perform his primary responsibilities to his family which prompted he to dare fight his father knowing is very wrong to indulge in such act.

but thanks to a good Samaritan who came to separate them from killing themselves.

Watch video below:

Click here to watch video

If you want to end things with me pay me off-ike Tells mercy.

If You Want To End Things With Me, Pay Me Off” — Ike Tells Mercy

Mercy and Ike Season 1 Episode 5: “If You Want To End Things With Me, Pay Me Off”

Last week’s episode left the viewers questioning what would turn out to be of Mercy and Ike’s relationship upon Mercy’s return from London.

Read on to locate out the juicy details!

We see Mercy and her siblings, Promise and Chigozie having a dialog at Mercy’s residence and showing the viewers how sturdy their household bond is. Mercy couldn’t comprise her pleasure to be in the end reunited with Ike and to reassure him the entirety will flip out fine. As Ike made his way to Mercy’s house, he let the viewers comprehend that he couldn’t select up Mercy from the airport due to the state of affairs regarding the video and image of her with Willy XO.

When Ike arrived, Mercy desired to understand if he had issues with her touring her pals due to the fact he didn’t appear to have problems in the past. Ike referred to that if he knew she was once going to put on a show, he wouldn’t have allowed her to go and he felt she did it on purpose. Mercy went on to protect her movements through announcing Willy XO is a actual friend. While the duo endured to have a heated conversation, Mercy delivered to the interest of the viewers that the humans who are decided to put a wedge in their relationship are solely hurting Ike no longer her and they want to see that he’s pained. Mercy additionally stated she doesn’t prefer to be in a household that doesn’t admire her, she expressed how mad she was once that all of us is adamant that she travelled to London with an agenda and she doesn’t choose to attain the point the place she’s with Ike due to the fact she pities him.

Ike expressed that he certainly needs to be with Mercy and wished to be aware of if they had been on the equal page. Mercy additionally expressed how tons she loves Ike, however he constantly appears to select cash over her. Ike went on to let the viewers comprehend that if Mercy wishes to stop matters with him, she wants to pay him off. Mercy voiced that she feels Ike would go away her as soon as any other prosperous woman comes alongside and that he may be with her for his very own egocentric reasons.

Mercy and her besties, Tracy, Mimi and Tara hung out at Landmark seaside to talk about non-public issues. But earlier than they did, Mercy helped in placing an give up to a quarrel between two of her buddies due to the fact she holds friendship in excessive regard. Mercy went on to ask the women what they concept about Ike, and they had a lot to say. Her buddies felt Ike is manipulative, he doesn’t battle for Mercy as he should, he doesn’t reciprocate love, he places Mercy via emotional stress and Tracy even went as some distance as jokingly pronouncing “What is Ike?”. Mercy lets the viewers recognize that her buddies continually choose the satisfactory for her, and they’ve been via a lot on social media with human beings showering them with insult and how Ike hasn’t achieved whatever to tackle that online. Although Ike’s faults have been pointed out by way of her friends, Mercy nonetheless defended him with the aid of making them conscious of how high-quality he is and the love she has for him.

Don’t you worry, the subsequent episode is no longer too a ways away! Catch it subsequent Sunday on Africa Magic Showcase channel 151 at 6:30 pm and watch out for the repeat on Mondays on Africa Magic Urban, DStv channel 15.

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