My Husband Has Only Slept With Me 5Times during a marriage of 3Years and 10Years Relationship

Please conceal my identity

I got married in 2017, got pregnant and had my baby in 2018. During the pregnancy, my husband I can recall my husband slept with me only 5 times. Any time I make the move, he pushes me aside.

He will attend work, come home, goes out again and are available back late in the dark …. Very tired and exhausted. I always awaken at dawn watch him deeply asleep. Anytime I raise the difficulty about his coming home late, he will only apologize and still continue.

I had to undergo cesarean delivery ( Operation) because the doctor says am perfectly fine but because i’m too close. The midwife was very upset and even asked me? Whether my husband has been having sex with me.?

I wept because i used to be so ashamed to answer the question. this is often a person I dated for 9 to 10 years before marriage. Before the wedding , I had a message that, he is not my husband. once I told our counselor about the message, she told me he will change after marriage. But it became even worse. After I had my baby, i used to be wasn’t purchased 4months maternity leave, and anytime I invite money, he gets angry coz he wasn’t working by then.

So I suggested we share the contribution we had during the wedding event….. He got angry, that, I can even take all if i would like …..

That if anything happens to me, he won’t mind me. I waited for a few months, still i used to be out of cash , I prayed over the cash and that i used it. I even use that cash for diapers, even to cook for him.

He said,…if i would like to destroy my marriage I should bring the cash back, if not I should use it.

I divided the cash and gave him the half he refused to require it saying he doesn’t need the cash .

He will come from work then leave the house again leaving me with the baby all by ourselves and are available home late in the dark . I told him to require his key along when he’s going out because he leaves the door open whilst my baby and myself are sound asleep .

Something will wake me up at dawn to lock the door, then in an hour time, he will come knocking and mentioning my name that dawn. i noticed that my life which of the lil baby is in danger so i made a decision to pack out.

The fateful day I pack out, he was watching me quietly and therefore the following day, I came to select something’s I left behind only to understand that, he changed the door lock the very day I left.

It’s over a year now, since I left. He never sent money for the baby. I survive by God’s Grace. He called recently i used to be so angry that, I told him the boy isn’t his son, considering how he never cared not even for his son.

He called his relations and told them I said he is not the daddy of my son. and that they all believed him. The counselor told him that, I said that out of anger, so he should exercise restraint, but he still stands on his ground that I should go and provides him to his Father. Our counselor suggested he do a DNA to prove it. He says no.

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