Nigerian musician and convener of the popular 30Billion Crew Davido has been caught in the news after a man allegedly accused his father of buying private jets up and down rather than channeling the money to construct good roads for his people of Osun.

It all started when the Superstar made a tweet on his verified Twitter account @Davido where he shared his disappointing views about the roads in Osun. He tweeted and captioned

All roads is Osun f**ked up ! Everything still the same smh Sad

As always expect fans to comments and react and the one which got people talking the most was when a fan said this to Davido

Your daddy buying Private jets up and down why don’t you tell your daddy to channels the money to provide good roads for his people

Is this through? what d you think about the tweet said by the man after accusing Davido’s Dad.

We all know he has the money to build roads but will the government allow him do that???

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