Please I have issues that have been bothering me and its concerning me husband who often shy away from his responsibilities in the house, always claiming he does not have money.

I make good money from the business and I can’t keep my children hungry so I provide for the family. And because of this my husband has left his responsibilities for me to handle.

It’s not bad or too much for me to take care of the family since my husband is not financially stable but this man is in the habit of complaining everytime, he also beats me anytime he asks me for money but I say I don’t have.

The last tussle that happened between us was when I withdrew 100k for my children’s school fees, he went there and took 70k out of it because I kept the money in my purse.

I confronted him to give me back the money or at least give the balance if he had spent out of it, what I got was a dirty slap. He claimed I was insulting him because I earned more than him.

I called his mother to let her know about this and I got another shock of my life. She said I was using her son’s destiny and shining with it, that so many prophet has prophesied the same thing.

It was after I told my husband what his mother said that I knew they had already discussed it and my husband believed his mother. Now he beats me at any slight provocation.

I want a divorce but to be honest I don’t have the strength to because my husband is good for one thing, he is good in bed. I have dated other guys but none satisfies me like my husband.

Please help me, I don’t know what to do

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