Seven months into Nicki Minaj’s marriage to the love of her life, Kenneth Petty, they had their first fight.

It all started when Nicki had given Caiah, her younger brother, some cash to fund his forthcoming EP. Macaiah was short of funds to push the album through the right dawgs, so he reached out to Big Sis, and Big Sis had to help.

Kenny wasn’t pleased with this development, particularly because Onika didn’t seek his consent first.

They were in their dimly lit bedroom, plush from rug to ceiling, and every inch of it sprayed with white and gold. The bed’s lines and edges were covered in gold. Onika [Nicki] was clad in her pink bathrobe. She had just put the kids to sleep. The cleaners had left earlier so she was left to have some alone time. She was scouting her instagram page when Kenny walked in, looking tensed and visibly pumped.

“What’s up, boo?” Onika studied his face, she knew something was up.

“Don’t you ‘BOO’ me, bitch.” Kenny mocked with a shady expression planted on his face. “What did I tell your ass about taking money from the family account without my knowledge?”

Onika said nothing. She knew this was coming but she didn’t know how soon.

Caiah needed the cash and she’d do anything for her little brother. Kenny, on the other hand, didn’t really give a damn about all of that. He monitored every single penny that leaves the account. She was ready to take all the yelling.

“Ain’t you gonna talk, woman?”

“Kenny, I —”


Kenny’s knuckles kissed and shifted her jaw, the force sent waves of pain all over her head, to her neck, down to her knees and toes, and Onika — luckily — came crashing down on the bed.

She held her jaw.

“The fuck! You juth hit me?” She spoke through the pain. Onika was dazed beyond what she could even comprehend. She panicked. It all happened so fast, she tried to keep up. Her mouth started to bleed so bad that drops of blood trickled down her fingers and stained her robe.

“You better get MY CASH back.” Kenny said, towering over her.

“YOUR cash?!” Onika was screaming with blood in her mouth. “It’s mine as it’s equally yours. What’s the big fuss?”

“I’d fucking rip your entire teeth out of you if you don’t stop talking and call that silly ass brother of yours to bring my money back. I’mma hunt him down if you don’t, I promise.”

Onika looked up at him and knew he wasn’t playing. Kenneth Petty never says something for the sake of saying it; he doesn’t bluff.

“Kenny, you damned broke my jaw!”

“Mom?” Tasha, Onika’s daughter popped up at the door with her sleepy-eye. “What’s going on?” She rubbed her eyes and sees her mother holding her mouth. Tanya’s eyes travel from her mother’s face down to the patch on the white bed. Blood. “Is anything the matter, mom?”

“Oh, nothing, sweetie. I fell; daddy’s trying to help me clean up!” Onika lied, trying to act normal.

“Ouch! Sorry mom!” Tasha started to walk towards her parents.

“Don’t come! Go to bed, will ya? You have a big day tomorrow.”

Tasha was confused. She didn’t know what was going on. But she shrugged. Daddy had it under control. She’d go to her room to check her social media page till she falls asleep.

“Okay, if you say so.”

As Tasha Left, Onika turned to Kenny with disbelief written all over her face. Her head ached so bad that she could feel it throb.

“I can’t believe you could hit me, Kenny! What has come over you.”

Kenny looked down at her. He moved a little closer till his legs touched Onika’s arched knees.

“And I’d do it again and again, if you don’t get my cash back. Giving that silly ass boi my money to pursue his whack rap career?”

Those words gave Onika cold feet. She stared into the eyes that once held comfort. There was only cold concrete inside now. This feeling was farmiliar, she wondered where she’d experienced this before.

“I’d get you the money.” Onika said, finally.

Kenny’s dark features brightened. He produced a short smile. “Better. You should get that cleaned up, bae.”

He goes to their twin wardrobe to undress and went to the bathroom to freshen up before bed.

Onika’s eyes never left him. She couldn’t sleep that night. All she could think about was the punch and how she was going to give her family lies about the swollen jaw.

Kenny snored lightly, Onika felt his strong arms on her waist, she cringed in fear.

* * * * *

“Are you serious, child?!”

“I still can’t believe it, mah, Kenny hit me.” Onika was on the phone with her mom, Carol. The next day after Kenny hit her, she went for treatment and she was traumatized. She had to tell someone, and the only place Onika was comfortable with was MaH’s place.

“That’s how it starts.” MaH said.

“That’s how WHAT starts?” Onika was confused.

“The abuse. You know, the honeymoon period is over and now you’re going to see all the things I warned you about.”

Sigh. “Stop it MaH, don’t bring that up. Kenny isn’t like that. He was simply pissed.”

“Tanya, Tanya, Tanya. You’re giving excuses for his actions. That’s the first step of you putting up with bulls —”

“Okay, that’s it MaH, dammit. I called you to ask you how to get that money back and you tryna spread negative energy and shit!” Onika cut her mother short.

“Now you watch that tone of yours — and mind your language. I told you about this man, Kenny has been around, yes, but I warned you about being with such a man!” MaH started to sob. “That’s how Omar started.”

“I’m not like you, MaH, neither is Kenny like Omar, so that’s about it. Bye MaH!”

Onika killed the call before her mother could protest. She was afraid her mother would go that route.

Well, that ain’t her. Ain’t gonna be.

She placed a call to Carter.

* * * * *

Three weeks later, Onika had given Kenny the money back.

Kenny was happy, but she wasn’t. For the first time she regretted the decision Kenny brought when he urged her to link their bank accounts.

That night, as Kenny climbed into the bed after a shower, he tried to touch her, but she refused. She wasn’t in the mood.

However, Kenny wasn’t going to have any of it.

“The hell was that for!?” Kenny said. He then pulled down the duvet, forced Onika’s legs apart as she tried to close them.

“Stop! What are you doing?! I ain’t in the mood foo’ ”

Kenny ripped her underwear off and sucked on her. She hit his face. Which he shockingly responded by slapping her twice on the cheek. When she saw the look he had on his face. Like a lion that prounced on a deer. She surrendered. Tears trickled down her face, she trembled with fear as Kenny entered her forcefully. It all felt so familiar.

Then she remembered!

The memories came rushing in, like fast torrents. The gory and traumatic experience she had with her Omar, her father. As he climbed her and touched her inappropriately back then in Saint James. How he told her not to tell anyone about it. How he promised to beat her if she did.

She watched Kenny move to a foul rhythm and she saw her father. She winced in pain as her Walls were bruised. She cried till she saw the light.

It all finally made sense now, the way he convinced her to drop all that she had going on, to focus on their family.

Kenny told her to lose ties with her friends and her family.

Kenny convinced her to have a joint bank account.

She thought Kenny had changed but now she realised, as she did before, that Rapists and Murderers never change.

Omar was a pastor but he still did drugs. He did drugs to preach. He did drugs to sing. Kenny, as much as she hated to admit it, will kill her if she ever tries to stand up to him.

It was then and there Onika wondered if she’d ever get out of this alive. Her kids are in danger. She was in danger.

Somewhere deep within, she knew she was not going to come out of this alive. At least, not when Kenny was alive.

P. S. This story doesn’t reflect, in any way, what is going to happen in the rapper’s union. This is aimed at creating awareness, for males and females, to be mindful of red flags. Thank you.

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