Boxing great, “Iron” Mike Tyson has been tabled a whooping $10 million to be given to any man who agrees to marries his eldest daughter.The 53 year old father seems upset about his eldest daughter not being able to find a man in her life all these years.

Mitchell who happens to be the eldest daughter of several daughters the American professional boxer is very much up to the age for marriage. This resulted in Mike’s worry and source for a way to make her get married as soon as possible.

Her inability to have a man may be related to her body structure. She looks to have inherited certain characteristics of her father. She is tall, has beautiful dark skin, huge body structure weighs 150kg and very much endowed in the front and back.

Mike Tyson is regarded as one of the best boxers of all time as his records in the ring stand among the best.

After so many post and advertisement a Mr Saliu adisa has accepted the proposal made by mike tyson that is Mitchell, and have decided to pick a date for their introduction.

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