Nothing gives a man headache than having difficulties in the bedroom. Weak erection or erection difficulties is a pain in the ass as it prevents him from getting to the destination or promise land. Not getting hard is a real problem as it could make a man feel less of himself.

Being in the mood and not being able to perform, could be as a result of the following below.

1. Abuse of alcohol : Being drunk before sex, could lead to dehydration which leads to less blood volume, which contribute to erectile dysfunction. Now Erectile Dysfunction (ED) is when you regularly cannot get and keep an erection. Abuse of alcohol is when you consume alcohol in an harmful way.

It is advisable to reduce the amount of alcohol you drink, it’s a good idea to have several alcohol-free days each week.

2. Medications : Many medicines and recreational drugs can affect a man’s sexual arousal and sexual performance. What causes erection problems in one man may not affect another man.

The following are drugs that leads to difficulties in erection, antidepressants, psychiatric, diuretics, high blood pressure, medicines, Parkinson disease medicines, etc.

3. Excessive smoking : Regular and excessive smoking is a definite link to weak erection. Whenever you feel horny, your brain sends a form of signal to your sexual organ, this activates the opening of the arteries, which increases blood flow in the corpora cavernosa until they are full and firm.

However, which weakens erection, excessive smoking habit reduces the flow of blood

4. Depression : This is a common illness that can cause negative effect to the sexual health. It can make you lose interest in activities including sexual.

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