Number Of Times A Husband And Wife Should Have Sex In A Week.

Intimacy grows as you and your partner share physical moments. When it comes to how often couples have sex, science actually has an accurate idea. The average adult gets some action 54 times a year or about once a week.

Sex is designed to keep both partners content. If you can’t be intimate with your partner, whether physically or emotionally or both, you cannot expect to having a lasting relationship with your partner. Your relationship cannot survive without intimacy, because intimacy is the foundation of any relationship.

It is important to have sex even if you’re not necessarily randy. Maintenance sex shouldn’t be the only kind of sex you’re having, but it should absolutely be on the menu. Sex in a happy marriage is important, and just as important is open communication. Communication that offers a compromise, discusses the desired frequency of sex, likes, dislikes, and preferences, are discussions that can improve things that otherwise would stay unchanged for years.

Absence of sex, especially in the years of youth can cause frustration in one or both partners and a feeling of emptiness. Without it, it’s easy to lose sight of your connection

A marriage can be sustained without sex but healthy sex in marriage is one of the most commonly cited traits among happy couples in the sense that intimacy enhances long-term relationships.

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