Sam (not real name) was a University student who stayed off-campus. He has just returned from a weekend break to his lodge in school that evening when he heard a knock on his door. When he opened the door, it was Juliet (not real name) his neighbor who lives next door. He was a bit surprised because she doesn’t come to his room often not to talk of coming at night. Though Juliet is not a student, she is pretty, chubby and well endowed. Sam has always wished he can date her.

He welcomed her and they got talking. After some time, they started talking about relationships and she opened up to him how she has developed feelings for him. But Sam thought she was only pulling his leg. They ended the conversation late in the night and both went to their rooms.

At about 12 am, Juliet knocked again and begged Sam to allow her to sleep in his room because her roommate’s boyfriend visited them (it’s a single room). Sam agreed and offered her the bed while he sleeps on the floor but Juliet insisted they must sleep together on the same bed. Sam had no choice but to agree with her.

Sam couldn’t sleep very well that night because he was not comfortable with a lady sleeping by his side without being his girlfriend, by 5am in the morning he was awake and so was Juliet, they got talking and Sam asked her to allow him to hold her, she agreed without hesitation. As he held her from behind, he could feel himself becoming hard as and Juliet felt it too and couldn’t hold back. In a moment of silence, they kissed and exchanged hot glances. In a few minutes, the atmosphere was set for a hot experience but Sam couldn’t go through with it because he was scared of STD since there was no protection. So, she left Sam’s room but Sam was angry at himself for not having protection at home which have made him missed such an opportunity.

All through the day, the memory kept playing in Sam’s head and when it was evening, he went to her room and in a few minutes, they started k*ssing and touching. This time he gathered the courage to do it despite there was no protection. She moaned softly and looked deep in his eyes and they both enjoyed the moment. A few days later, Juliet broke up with her boyfriend to be with Sam.

That was how it began and it became a regular thing but it was done secretly.

Sam graduated but has always cherished the memories.

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