My husband r@pes me, I wish I never got married

My marriage is a year and my husband doesn’t give me breathing space , I went to watch a movie with a friend from university and I came home late , he was waiting for me outside , and he started hitting me and he r@ped me, he was shouting at me collected my car keys , I was crying so bad.

The next morning he told me I should serve him his food n@ked and I should stand and wait for him to finish it I just sighed and walked away , he pursued me into the room and he told me I should not get him angry.

I was standing there and was crying , he now locked me inside and went to work , he came back and started begging me that he’s sorry.

It’s not the first time , He will come back he doesn’t even care he will just come and tell me go and lie down , and if I don’t agree he will take me there , he’s the only person I’ve slept with.

I wish I even had s3x with him before we got married I would have known he’s like that , I was there forming v!rgin, I wish I never got married. I can’t stand him . Snoring in my ears.

Ladies if you are the one can you still continue the relationship?

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