I’m lonely and I need a boyfriend-Nigerian lady cries out.

A young Nigeria lady who goes by that name Charity has took to her Facebook timeline to share her love life.

In her post on Facebook. She wrote:

“I feel lonely and bored alone at home let’s have a video chat send me a message, now using the send button i am online and i don’t reply to comments”

She started by posting her pictures on her timeline and a lot of Facebook users have related and reacted to her post on Facebook.

See the screenshot of her post below:

See More Pictures Below:

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I’m disable still cant find a lover,pls help me-Disable lady cries out.

As we all know that this day’s Social media only full of different kind of things and different kind of people which we can tell, but I was so surprised when I was scrolling down on my Facebook wall and sees this girl post, She says “I’m Disable still yet i Can’t find a Lover, please help me, what am i missing😭😭” as she cried out on facebook for help.

And this will make it twice that I have come across this lady issue on net, in the other side she said “she needs a serious man who can love her for who she is” that money is not problem, all she need is love.

Does these mean that boys are nowhere to found anymore?, because I don’t understand this world anymore, everywhere you go now the % of girls who are searching for boys are more than the boys who are looking for girls.

See screenshot and the reactions of the social media users below

Photo Credit: Facebook post.

See Facebook users reactions below

These are the shots we can take, there are many more of this.

So let hear from you, Will you accept this kind of relationship? Or will you just walk and pass?

You highly recommend to drop your own oppion or advice for this pretty damsel.

Photos-Mike Tyson places $10m for any man that marries his Daughter.

Mike Tyson who is very famous in the world of boxing due to various rounds he has won, is willing to give out the sum of $10 Million to any man who would ask for the hand of his eldest daughter, Mitchell in marriage.

A photo of Mike Tyson can be seen below.

The whooping sum equals 3.6 Billion Naira in the Nigerian currency.

Mitchell who happens to be the eldest daughter of several daughters the American professional boxer has is very much up to the age for marriage. This resulted in Mike’s worry and source for a way to make her get married as soon as possible.

Photos of Mike Tyson and his daughter Mitchell, can be seen below.

In a bid to motivate men across the world towards asking for the hand of Mitchell in marriage, Mike Tyson is giving out the whooping sum of $10 Million to anyone who would walk down the isle in holy matrimony with his eldest daughter, Mitchell.

Wow! Such amount of money at stake.

What do you think?

Is she not elegant looking?

What else are you waiting for?

What do you think about his decision? Is it out of place?

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Man who uses new born babies for Rituals, hear what he said.

In Agbor, Delta state, it was reported by eye witness of a rich man who confessed of how he got his wealth. He explained to those who were listening to him that he never would have confessed, but he was tired of living a lie, so he told them he wanted to quit and they refused, ever-since he’s been hunted by the dirty they serve in the shrine.

He told of how he goes around searching for newly born babies between the age of 0-7 days, he does his search form hospitals to other maternity facilities, he told of how he pays some nurses huge amount of money to help him get babies for the rituals.

“When you get into this mess, it’s closely impossible to opt out, because of the benefits it comes with, but along the way you’ll notice that the demands is more than the benefits”said Mr Divine the ritualist who’s confessing.

People felt pity for him after he narrated the whole story, while others felt disgust and hate for him. The question now is should he be prosecuted or should he be spared since he confessed?

That’s the word of people on the streets though, the police arrested him from his apartment at Agbor on Wednesday 19th February 2020 for further interrogation.

Source: Eye witness

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