Ghanaian Lady Cries After Finding Out That Her Sugar Daddy Saved Her Name As ‘Borla Bird’

But what name was she expecting her sugar daddy to save on his mobile phone; honey, sweetheart or love? This Ghanaian lady must be an idiot for thinking she has a special place in the heart of her sugar daddy.

A Ghanaian lady with the name Akosua Oduraa Kaakyire Makafui says she is surprised that her sugar daddy saved her name “Borla bird” and she announced this on her Facebook timeline.

What do you expect to be called when all you know is following married men? Obviously, these are some of the names such idiots deserve.

“Borla Bird” is the perfect name for Akosua and I agree with her sugar daddy for putting her in the right category.

On Facebook, Akosua posted; “You won’t believe my sugar daddy saved my name borla bird”.

Perhaps, side chicks should now be called “Borla birds” because it perfectly fits their status.

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