American airlines forced a black doctor to wear blanket to cover up hwr ‘inappropriate’Dress-photos

Dr. Latisha Rowe, a family-medicine specialist, was on the way to Miami with her 8-year-old son. She says that an American Airlines stewardess publicly humiliated her by demanding she wrap herself in a blanket to conceal the dress she was was wearing, deemed “inappropriate” for the flight.

In a viral tweet, Rowe said she was forced to deplane after she boarded, told that her attire was not acceptable, and that unless she covered herself, she wouldn’t be allowed to fly. In the tweet, she included a front- and side-view photo of her outfit, a one-piece romper.

… she believes there’s a double-standard for appropriate attire that’s applied differently to women depending on a few factors, including body shape and race. …

After Rowe told the flight attendant she didn’t have a jacket, she said the flight attendant explained that the flight crew found her outfit inappropriate, and that she wouldn’t be allowed back on the plane unless she changed or covered up. After she wrapped the blanket around her waist, she said, another flight attendant came up and warned her not to make a scene, despite the fact that she was deliberately behaving calmly to avoid escalating the situation.


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