A Nigerian lecturer, Aliya Tijani has been killed by a racist mob in the Bishkek Kyrgyzstan area of Russia.

Although the details and the origin of the attack are not known yet, he is said to have been beaten so badly that he went into a coma after the attack.

Tijani was later rushed to a hospital but despite the attempts made to revive him, he did not recover from the coma and died last night.

Some of his relatives have now begun to demand justice over the racist attack, using the hashtag #JusticeForAliyuTijjani on Twitter.

One Twitter user also shared a video of the moment some health workers tried to stop the lecturer’s head from bleeding.

See the video below.

Abba Nasidi@KakakinArewa

Attached is the video were he was assisted by some good samaritans @Sir_AhmedRufai

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Abba Nasidi@KakakinArewa

My Cousin Aliyu Tijjani was Brutally attacked in Bishkek Kyrgyzstan by a local.http://instagram.com/p/BzbToS5AQlW/..He  is currently in coma at their national hospital CC @NGRPresident @ProfOsinbajo @abikedabiri @Sir_AhmedRufai @Ayourb @OgbeniDipo @BashirAhmaad @toluogunlesi @DeeOneAyekooto

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