Zodwa wabantu and her Ben 10 boyfriend Ntokozo linda Break up-says i will be dead if i continue staying with him

MZANSI was stunned when Zodwa Wabantu proposed to her Ben 10 a few weeks ago.

At the time, she said her lover made her happy and forced her to rethink marriage.

The performer, whose real name is Zodwa Libram, had tongues wagging when she proposed to Ntokozo Linda during a performance at the popular Eyadini Lounge in Durban, flipping traditional gender roles, on 6 May.

It wasn’t clear what led to the sudden wedding cancellation but Zodwa told Daily Sun she has taken a break from her relationship with Ntokozo. She said she was emotionally and physically drained and couldn’t take any more strain.

She said she didn’t want to end up trying to kill herself because she was pleased other people before herself.

“I’m just tired of having a relationship because it’s draining. Having a partner is very heavy duty sometimes. It’s a lot to handle because I have lost myself and I need to get myself back together.

“We both took a break from this relationship because it put us under strain.

“We cancelled the wedding because there are a lot of things we need to deal with on our own.

“I can’t live for people while I’m not happy. I have to love myself and live for myself before I can love him or other people. I want to focus on myself because I feel I’m losing who I am.”

The queen of the dance floor shocked her fans when she broke the news on her Instagram account.

She wrote: “I’m losing myself. I need my spark back. I’m not happy any more. Free Ntobeko, he’s still growing. No wedding.”



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