Ligwalagwala FM presenter Khaya Matcheque has been fired. / Supplied
Ligwalagwala FM presenter Khaya Matcheque has been fired. / Supplied

A Ligwalagwala FM presenter has been fired for apparently posting videos on social media calling for men to give money to their wives and girlfriends.

This sparked a backlash from listeners who complained she was “corrupting women into prostitution”.

The SABC said yesterday that Khaya Matchegue, who co-presented Khibika natsi, a midday show on weekdays, had her contract terminated.

Matchegue posted a series of videos on social media, shot while in studio, where she said men should give their wives or girlfriends money.

In one of the videos, she can be heard saying: “If a man doesn’t give you money, he’s probably giving it to someone else.”

SABC spokesperson Vuyo Mthembu said: “The SABC can confirm that Matche-gue’s contract has been terminated. However, we will not go into the details of the matter as it is between the SABC and Matchegue.”

Ligwalagwala FM released a statement on Friday stating: “In view of what transpired over the past week, Ligwalagwala FM management has taken a decision to terminate the contract of Khaya Matchegue with immediate effect.” The station said the decision was based solely on Matchegue’s admission of guilt in a report she wrote to the station’s management that acknowledges her contravention of her contractual obligation to the SABC.

“She admitted that her actions have brought the brand into disrepute and polarised the principal client ,which is the listener of the station.”

Matchegue made headlines after she featured in popular show, Date my family, in 2015 where she couldn’t find her match.

Ligwalagwala FM has not announced Matchegue’s replacement yet.

Matchegue has since removed her videos from her Facebook fan page but some have been downloaded by friends and are still making the rounds.

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