Halle Berry is 52 — shocking, I know — and she says she’s in the best shape of her life!

Halle starred in John Wick: Chapter 3 – Parabellum, which was released on May 17, alongside Keanu Reeves.

She has starred in plenty of action movies in her day (Catwoman, anyone?). But she says this is the movie that forced her to get into the best shape of her life.

The actress plays Sofia, a friend of the lead character and skilled assassin. This was her first appearance in the John Wick movies, and she was beyond excited about it.

“I’m a John Wick fan, and I heard [director Chad Stahelski] was looking to cast a bada** female who could fight, so I went to his office and I said, ‘I think it should be me,’” she told Entertainment Tonight.

Not only did she get to act in a movie that she loves, but she also got into the best shape she’s ever been in — physically and mentally.

“These guys worked me so hard,” she said. “I never worked so hard in my whole life for this little character in this movie.”

Halle Berry was pretty determined to get cast in the latest John Wick movie. She says she waltzed into the director’s office and said she thought the “bada** female” character should be her, but the director remembers it differently.

“You didn’t say you think,” Chad corrected her to Entertainment Tonight. “You said, ‘It will be me.’ I couldn’t kick her out of the office!” [And when that happens], you jump up and down and say, ‘OK. Absolutely!’”

Clearly, it was meant to be, because Halle gave her everything to the role. The movie required a ton of stunt training for all of the actors, Halle included — and she went above and beyond. Chad says she was “dedicated, committed, and unrelenting.”

“She wore out two stunt teams!” he joked.

“She doesn’t quit, ever,” Chad said. “And [she] cares like you wouldn’t believe. Passion — you want it, you’ll get it.”

Halle’s commitment to the role paid off. She says she’s now in the best shape of her life at 52 years old, thanks to her training regimen for the movie.

And she’s been showing off how fit she is on Instagram.

“[Chad] got me in the best shape of my life, so why not show it?” she said.

“These guys worked me so hard. I never worked so hard in my whole life for this little character in this movie.”

“I’ve never been in the best shape of my life mentally, physically, and it’s all because I got to work with some of the best of the best,” Halle said. “So there are wonderful benefits of that.”

So what exactly did Halle’s training regimen consist of? She plays a spy, so she had to be able to deliver blows, take men down with her legs, dodge knives, shoot guns, and leap through the air.

She worked with personal trainer Peter Lee Thomas, who had her working out five days a week, often twice a day.

“The weekends, she usually took off,” Peter told USA Today“It’s the best time for family.”

They did all sorts of exercises, from pull-ups to climbing stairs with a 65-pound sand bag. Peter basically trained Halle like an MMA fighter, with plenty of shadowboxing and jump rope.

She also did weapons training and dog training for the role.

In Peter’s eyes, Halle’s age has little to do with her ability to be an action star. He thinks her action career is “just getting started.”

With Halle’s determination, that definitely seems like a possibility!

During training, Halle suffered multiple broken ribs and plenty of strains and bruises. But she still did almost all of her own fighting in the film.

“This woman could walk through walls,” Peter said. “She’s a titan.”

And she already has another action role coming up: She’ll star as a disgraced MMA fighter in the upcoming movie Bruised, which she’s also directing.

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