“Those Celebrating Fraud On Social Media To Be Arrested” – Dolapo Badmus2 days ago

CSP Dolapo Badmus has revealed that all those glorifying internet fraud popularly known as Yahoo Yahoo on social media will soon be arrested.

She made this know after an Instagram user made her aware that many Yahoo boys can be nabbed through the kind of comments they make on social media.

Instagram user:

I think there are many more naira Marley on IG and Facebook, Please Madam, i can volunteer to work for the police, just like naira Marley was caught, many still need to be arrested through their comments, we have lost a lot of values in this country

In response, the police woman declared that such people will soon be getting arrested because authorities can’t allow criminals celebrate their crimes in public.

Dapo Badmus:

The RAID is ongoing, I’m sure the security arm will sanitize the interent space, more will still get tracked since the radar is on in the social media space! We can’t continue to allow criminals celebrates their crimes like it’s a normal thing to do. More will still go. No amount of colouration can right wrong! Bad will not take over good in our land.

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