Why Nigerians kill theirself in south Africa

Godwin Adama

The Consul General of Nigeria in Johannesburg, South Africa, Godwin Adama, has said that death of Nigerians in South Africa was not all related to xenophobic attacks.

He disclosed that more Nigerians die by the hands of other Nigerians than from xenophobic attacks.

According to Adama, clashes between rival Nigerian cult groups in South Africa claim the lives of more Nigerians than xenophobic attacks.

He further identified drug-related clashes as another major issue among Nigerians in the country.

The Consul General told Sunday Sun: “One thing here is that cult-related killings are so high. Some Nigerians belong to certain cult groups: Aiye Fraternity and all these other things. They are here. And most of the killings that take place mostly around Sunnyside where Nigerians reside a lot in Pretoria are as a result of such cult-related killings.

“The second one is drug-related issues like what happened in Ozubulu. It is here because the two sides are here. What they did in Ozubulu, they do it here. Recently, two of them were killed and then, there was a revenge again immediately after. So, this is a continuous something and we have tried every means, but it is difficult to get into that, to really resolve it. I believe that resolving such issues will be more from home because they come from the same area.”

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