HATERS BACK OFF- Regina Daniels said her marriage to Ned Nwoko is a Dream come true-see interesting details

HATERS BACK OFF!!! Regina Daniels reveals her marriage to 59 year old Ned Nwoko is a dream come true – See interesting details

Every human being’s wish is for their dream to come to manifestation either sooner or later. In the case of Nollywood actress Regina Daniels, her dreams have come true sooner than expected.

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She made this known in the early hours of today when she posted a picture of her self on her social media and she captioned it ” If you can dream it, you can do it “.

Her fans have therefore interpreted the meaning of her caption and they have also come to realize that  it is her wish to marry 59 year old Ned Nwoko who is a lawyer, businessman and politician, owns one of the biggest resorts in Africa, Camp Ned; which sits on 43,000 hectares of prime and lush land at his hometown of Idumuje-Ugboko .

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The relationship between the beautiful young actress and Ned became the focus of public attention few months ago after Regina’s source of income was suspected for consistently being in the news for her luxurious lifestyle and her habits of spoiling herself along side her mum who she also got a new house.

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It was later discovered that the actress was not only spending the money she got while working as Atiku Abubakar’s youth campaign coordinator during election. Instead Ned Nwoko has been the one sponsoring the expensive gifts she has been flaunting on her social media.

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After the news about her marriage broke, she has been caught with her assumed husband at events and she has not denied any of the accusations so far about her marriage to Ned Nwoko and this as therefore made people believe there’s an atom of truth in the rumour.

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Just recently, the couples were also spotted in a night club where Regina was caught having maximum fun around her husband as they celebrated Ned Nwokos new achievement after he received his certificate of return to the House of Senates as a Senator-elect.

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It was predicted that there will be a big party to celebrate this feat in his political career and this could have been their own personal way of marking the billionaires new achievement .

Some Nigerians took to social media to react to the trending video of the couples and here are some of their reactions below:

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Regina Daniels was born on October 10, 2000 in Asaba in a family of another famous actress Rita Daniels. Even though at the moment Regina Daniels age is only 19 and she has already starred in numerous movies, starting with Marriage of Sorrow.

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Do you think Regina’s wish is an ultimate goal?

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