Nollywood Actress angela okoye have threatened to kill herself if wiz-Kid did not do this favor for her-VIDEO

Uche Okoye has begged wizkid to follow her

Nollywood actress, Uche Okoye is again appealing to Singer, Wizkid to follow her or she will kill herself. 

She has now given him one week ultimatum to follow her back or post her photo.

Recall that she had in the past begged Wizkid to make her his 4th babymama.

In the video, she said:

“Am back again, am back again

Its me and wizkid today

you can’t be messing with my heart and expect me to lay back

I have had it up to here

Today I have come for you and i to settle it

Wizkid! You can’t be messing with my heart like that na, check it

Is it proper?, is it right? No!

I have being a fan since way back

I like this dude

I have being tagging this dude

he won’t say he does not know me”

Watch video below:   

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