Nigeria will never be a visa free country to US-Trump

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The American president Donald Trump had said that, Nigeria would have been among African countries to benefit for visa free to America.

According to him, he changed his mind because of the current government and as long as Buhari is the president of Nigeria the country won’t be given that opportunity to be a visa free country to the United States.

Since 2015 when the current government took over power the rate of crime and death recorded under the president Buhari’s regime has make Nigeria not safe for foreigners and its citizens.

Making Nigeria a visa free country to the US is not safe at all, because we know a lot of them would like to move out of Nigeria due to the poor economy, security crisis in the country by doing that we are also putting the lives of our own at risk.

President Trump also talked about Buhari’s visit to the UK saying that, at this time of political and ethnic crisis in the country the president would have stayed back and find solutions to bring stability.

An side source to the whitehouse who send a record of Trump speech to THEWATCH NEWS ( said the president made the statement in a brief meeting with journalist addressing them on world press day.

The source had said, Trump is showing much concerned to help Nigeria but the government are not showing any efforts in making the country work.

THEWATCH NEWS reports that, thousands of innocent Nigerians has been reported dead in the north and properties worth millions destoryed by heardsmen, bandits and Boko Haram.

The Nigerian federal government and the ruling party the all progressive congress APC and its presidential candidate Muhammadu Buhari has decided to pay deaf ears to the crisis in Nigeria because their families and children are not affected as their children school’s abroad.

According to Reports, Nigeria is becoming most dangerous country to visit and terror groups are over taking the country’s military.

THEWATCH NEWS gathered from a close source who revealed to our correspondent saying that, Boko Haram get paid the sum of $3,000 everyday 100 times what the Nigerian soldiers earns and he also added that soon other terror groups will be making much money that the Nigerian forces. He urges the federal government to pay those who are risking their lives to protect the nation from any attack adding that even the weapons they use is not worth using to fight terrorist.

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