Entrepreneur Churchill olakunle said he was never married to Tonto Dikeh before they split-see VIDEO

Actress Tonto Dikeh’s EX Olakunle Churchill bares it all in this Exclusive Interview on Toast TV’s Digital Market Africa (DMA)……. 

This is the interview that got Tonto Dikeh angry a few days back….. 

Mr Churchil Said there was no Marriage and that he bought her gifts and gave her Money,says she lied about everything….

Toast TV. Digital Market Africa is a TV series for entrepreneurs and brands all around Africa. It showcases the unique story behind brands in Africa and it seeks young enterprising prolific individuals that are making giant strides in different areas of their life .. 

This is an excerpt from the long interview…….
: One of the most controversial part of your name or what we read on the online blogs and what we see on TV is actually your marriage with Nigerian actress Tonto Dikeh which actually ended up in a divorce. Nigerians have their misconceptions about what actually transpired during the course of that marriage and mixed with the child custody brouhaha that we have going on, we want you to clear the air on that.

Churchill: What really happened – you know, I mean I can’t be talking about what really happened, I can only put it in summary but I will just advice everyone to ignore and eh… two questions, before I met her who knew about me? I’ve been there; I’ve been used to my private life, so I think that was not a mistake because I got a child – you know, I don’t regret anything, I think it’s just part of life and I mean, you have to go through something before you learn lessons but I personally honoured her, I mean… I honoured her because she was four months pregnant, I honoured her I took her to her place – community which I paid her pride price then I sent her out of the country. I have always been there for her; I took proper care of her. And it’s that I’m trying to brag, I’m just trying to tell you that there was no bad time because the time was very short – okay I met you three months before you took in. I wasn’t living in Nigeria. You took in four months gone, I took you to Port Harcourt, I paid your bride price, I flew you out of the country, you came back with the baby and even stayed in my family house in Texas. I flew my mum in, my sojourn uncle from London, we took care of you – I took proper care of you. All you posted was I brought them… and I always stopped you from posting, she’s only posted one-quarter of everything. I try to make her happy. Do you understand? So the time was short, she got back; we only lived together for six months which she had my baby through CS. I mean, come on, someone who had an operation, can you beat that kind of person? – Someone that was going through the healing process, can you touch that kind of person? I’ve not even touched a woman before. Can you touch that kind of person? First three months she was going through the healing process I was mostly around to assist. Then the other half of the six months, that is the other three months, I went back to work.

DMA: So the issue of Domestic Violence is real?

Churchill: Pure lies, go and check the pictures – I mean that was made up, she called a make-up artist. I saw the picture and I was shocked. I saw red. If they hit you, won’t it be black? It’s called black eyes and where she nailed herself: December 2017, before my work for love programme, I came back from Switzerland – I have the receipt. I bought my son a diamond pendant, like with the three diamond – very expensive and I got it for like, I think, eight thousand four hundred Euros; you know that gift you give to your child that you want to always see it on him till you can tell a story about it – I’m not going to do that yet but I’m just… you know, do you understand what I’m saying? I just got it because I just want him to enjoy it; to be fine; just be alright; let me do my work. I tried to make her happy …I tried everything, but the main issue was what happened and my mum was out – do you understand?
 I think she doesn’t want all of that to go out that’s why she started blackmailing me. And also another issue with people getting to like me; me becoming popular, I can’t take your popularity away from you. If you were to be with an okada man or a welder, they will still say this is Tonto Dikeh’s husband – yes or no? So, it depends on Tonto Dikeh’s husband if he’s doing good or not. People will even be proud of you if he’s doing good. So, getting married to a popular person or an actress is not bad, it depends on that person – It depends on that person but I didn’t get married to a celebrity, I got married to a wife. Why will I want to use your fame? Am I looking for a show or movie role? It happens; everything was scripted, I think that’s how she knows how to fight and also philanthropy is missionary whether you like or not, a philanthropist is just like a man of God; man of integrity. So she’s just trying to damage my image by putting out a whole lot of things to discredit me; to make people think who is a woman-beater, he sent my friend’s brother to jail – that one came out and was like, I didn’t go to jail, Mr Churchill sent the money for his event and it went successfully. He’s 4-1-9, I don’t have any court case, I don’t have any police case, I’ve never been indicted worldwide – I mean, you can find out and I’m from a very trained home, disciplined family, I don’t even have a tattoo, that’s how disciplined my family is. So, for everything, I think that’s how she knows how to fight and fight her exes to destroy them. 

DMA: Social Media doesn’t forget, we saw Tonto Dikeh; she posted a lot of things, that you didn’t pay her dowry; most of the gifts you gave to her; “she was the one that was sponsoring the marriage” that you are not as rich as you claim.

Churchill: What is she doing that she is sponsoring the marriage? She’s an actress sponsoring which marriage? There was no marriage, there was just like knocking; no celebrity came; we didn’t even call an artist; we didn’t call any of our friends; just four of us – me, my mum and two other people. What we had was a parlour thing, we didn’t celebrate it. We were to do the proper traditional marriage, church wedding, court wedding; still in the process – we were actually in the process when we split. We’ve not done traditional wedding; we’ve not done church; we’ve not done the court wedding.

DMA: What about the gifts?

Churchill: I have all the receipts of the gifts. The dowry you’re talking about, I think why she is about the dowry was part of the reasons I went to Portharcourt. I was told this lady she’s pregnant now, you have to pay her dowry so the child can bear your name. So, you see the reason why she fights about the dowry all the time? But I thank God her father came out and said that I personally gave him the dowry. Okay fine they didn’t pay your dowry, your father confirmed I gave him the dowry. And… okay… fine you said you gave me the money, with which account? Okay you said you’ve been the one sponsoring the wedding and me, at least you should have transferred money to my account once or twice. But I can give you statements of ten million five million upwards.

DMA: That you sent to her?

Churchill: Yes, but the bank does not lie. Ehn! Okay let’s agree you paid for your dowry yourself; the man was broke he didn’t have money, did you marry me for money? The man was broke, ehn! He didn’t pay for your dowry, a month after; he bought a twenty-two million Naira jeep – Prado white; I have the receipt. Is that making sense to you? Dowry of 1.2 million to 22 million Naira- why buy the gift? You should have just removed the money from the… brand new… do you get what I’m saying?

DMA: Yes. There are issues about Fraud – about Fraud she sometimes…

Churchill: She’s trying to stick – put things in people’s head to discredit me. I have never had any case before – I have never been indicted; all my customers are still intact; I’ve never defrauded anybody. I don’t have any bad record; I’ve been successful since twenty-three years old and I’ve been working. I don’t have any police case about Fraud; I’ve never done 4-1-9 to any company; to… I mean – I mean the persons should have come out. Do you understand? She’s just doing that to discredit me. We’ve never lived together before while she said… ehn… they used to squat with her. When I delivered your push gifts …they were even parking from your Lekki residence because your rent already expired. They delivered your push gift – the new Prado there; nobody was there, I had to get hotel for the driver to wait. Do you understand? Was I squatting in your house when they delivered the Prado? I don’t understand. O boy! This allegation ehn! E be like twenty-six years of marriage.

DMA: You people were married for?

Churchill: We were only together for six months but the allegation …like say na twenty-one years of marriage. Even me myself I dey fear when I dey see some things. E come be like movie, e be like say the script writer no dey tire.

DMA: So, you were decorated as African Youth leader, Face of ECOWAS Youths and Yoruba Youths worldwide –are these credentials not long enough for you to venture into politics?

Churchill: Something you should know: I’ve been into politics for years now; I’m not coming out for anything; I’ve not tried to come out for anything for now even before; but I’ve always supported people to be somebody but not openly. I mean, I have my people that I support but me personally, I’ve not thought about that.

DMA: In the future, do you see yourself running for office?

Churchill: ehn… they always tell me to come out; the youths want Dr. Olakunle Churchill as the Governor of the State; they want me as Senator; they want me to come out as House of Rep and all that; but I think I’ve not served enough; I’m still serving – I’m still serving my people, that my number one priority till when the time comes.Interview by: Kingsley Eze

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