Nigerian superstar Davido show support to EFF and Julius malema

Unpacking the bromance between Davido and Julius Malema.

Image via Twitter: Davido @iam_Davido

Julius Malema and the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) have received words of encouragement and support from Nigerian singing sensation, Davido.

With South Africa entering election week amid the buzz of fierce political rhetoric and party showboating, international influencers are weighing in on the country’s upcoming contest. As the ballot box draws ever-nearer, support, whether tangible or theoretical, is welcomed by all political parties hoping to claim their piece of the electoral pie.

Davido and Julius Malema; the bromance

Davido, a multi-award winning performer, took to social media on Sunday to voice his support and respect for the EFF and its firebrand leader, Malema. Just hours after the Red Berets had closed the curtains on their final election rally at Orlando Stadium in Johannesburg, Davido posted an image of Malema on Instagram, with the caption stating:

“Good luck on the 8th of May sir. We all know you will make a great leader. To my brothers and sisters in South Africa, be safe as you go out and make your choice.”

A flattered Malema, who has blazed a particularly tumultuous election campaign trail, acknowledged Davido’s admiration and returned the favour, saying, simply:

“Thank you very much my brother.”

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Public performers back political parties

Famous local musicians, performers and artists have also added their political voices into the mix. The African National Congress (ANC) has the support of one of South Africa’s bestselling artists, AKA.

The EFF have infamously shunned connections to the entertainment world, lambasting connections between performers and political parties – particularly with regards to the ANC’s roster. The Red Berets, do, however, have support from local performers, namely actor Fana Mokoena and ‘Sushi King’ Kenny Kunene.

The Democratic Alliance (DA) also has some healthy support from local performing artists. While performances at political rallies are generally not regarded as a show of outright support, the official opposition party had a star-studded line-up perform at a launch party in 2018. The bill included; Riky Rick, producer Sketchy Bongo, Distruction Boyz and Afrikaans singer Kurt Darren.

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