Nasty feel bad about jaden Smith stealing his idea-details and video

Remember how we all rolled our eyes and just laughed off at Nasty C for announcing that he was “pregnant” with a new album? What a silly but funny idea. However, seems like another American artist is stealing from our local star. First it was Cassper and Kanye west and now its Nasty c and Jaden Smith.

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Fans of Nasty C were fuming this week after US star Jaden took to social media to pull a stunt that was nearly a carbon copy of one pulled by the local rapper last year.

Well a post by Jaden Smith on Instagram has surfaced online showing the US star pulling the same stunt. Nasty C got the alert from fans and was conflicted on whether to be chilled or angry by it.

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“Dunno if I should say great minds think alike, or get mad because bra jacked my sh*t. I’m kinda looking forward to his sh*t, but I’m also kinda pissed,” he wrote, before asking fans to decide whether Jaden had stolen the idea on purpose. We think he stole it honestly!

Watch Nasty C’s Pregnancy Prank Here:

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