WONDERS- woman leaks secret police station,Where officers use sachets pure water to have their way with girl’s

WONDERS IN THE LAND! Woman Leaks Secret Of Police Station Where Officers ‘Have Their Way’ With Call Girls Using Pure Water Sachet

An Activist/Actress, Dorothy Njemanze, says a portion of the 70 young ladies supposedly captured by men of the Utako Police station in Abuja.

Policemen used pure water sachets as condoms to allegedly have sex with ladies randomly arrested in Abuja- activist Dorothy Njemanze says

Njemanze, have accused some of the officers for powerfully engaging in sexual relations with them with the use of ‘pure’ water sachets in place of condom.

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Njemanze who ran with her group to see a portion of the young ladies as they were arraigned before a mobile court at the Area 10 old Parade ground in Abuja, said the young ladies were denied access to their relatives and were additionally threatened to plead guilty.

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The women were solicited to pay a fine from N5000 or have intercourse with the police men.

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It should be recalled that at the end of last week, a Nigerian attorney, Mart Obono, on twitter, declared that more than 70 young ladies blamed for taking part in prostitution.

They had been captured by officers of the Utako Police station and were made to go through the end of the week at the station.

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