Advice me: my father inlaw culture demands I sleep with him before marriage

A lady recently caused frenzy by her post on facebook requiring advice from members. Here is her full post:

Please my friend needs your help urgently.
She is supposed to be introducing her boyfriend to her parents. But the problem is that her boyfriends culture dictates that his father first “tastes” her to know exactly where his cows are going and if she is valuable and worthy of his son. Her boyfriend is perfectly okay with it because its his culture and he wants to marry her but she has a big problem with it, she can’t run out because she is in
love with this man dearly and sincerely.

Here are some of the advices she got.:

I wonder why those abolishing culture no see this terrible one..if d guy get sense he no go allow her do am


She should go ahead and sleep with him nah. Next page please…

‘she cant leave him cuz she loves him’ ryt?.Then she shuld go ahead.LOVE IS BLIND

Holy Jesus!!!  Which tribe abeg?

Is it not just Sleep Spread the bed, lie down, sleep

I don’t want to mention the tribe but it happens

Is it not just Sleep Spread the bed, lie down, sleep

May that culture catch fire and BURRRN in Hades

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