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I was molested at 9 by my step father -masecheba Ndlovu

Most parents are usually on frantic mode, hence they fear about the worst that could happen to their children. These dangerous and traumatic episodes include car accidents, health issues and of course any form of abuse.

South African media personality, Masechaba Ndlovu recently spoke out about a very personal and traumatic childhood experience, which took place at the hands of an adult that was supposed to “protect her”.

The traumatic incident happened in America where Masechaba and her mother were staying at the time. During a podcast interview on Podcast & Chill with MacG, she explained that her mom had been away for a few days when the stepfather kept her locked in the house and started sexually assaulting her for nearly three days. He began molesting her at the age of nine.

She explained the incident in these following words:

“My first sexual encounter was with my stepdad, unfortunately. I was nine and he molested me. When my mother (was not there), we were in the States. My mom left me with him… as we think it is acceptable to leave a child with herb father… Uhm, for two-three days he held me hostage and he basically sexually abused me.”

Such an experience would most likely cripple how the said woman relates to the opposite sex. Masechaba had this to say in regards:

“After that, I wanted nothing to do with men, for a long time but I healed from that and I’ve learned that it’s not about genders, it’s about people, it’s about criminals… Which is why I’ve always been against the #menaretrash movement. I’ve been beaten, I’ve been sexually abused and I’ve had everything you can imagine happen to me except death,” to say about all things related to men

What is it about MacG that has his guests just ready to tell it all? We have noticed just how comfortable and candid some of his celebrity guests have previously been on his show.

Though she did mention that this particular part of her life remains quiet as she is not ready to speak about it ever again

Open letter coming from young Nigerian lady’s to Regina Daniels mother- see details

Two young Nigerian lady’s have really take it personal about Regina Daniels marriage to Nigerian billionaire husband Ned Nwoko

This ladies is being identified as OMO CHIOMA and HELEN PIUS

Omo chioma

Omo chioma

“Mama REGINA. A greedy piece of crap. A woman who should have been barren. A certified slut. A POVERTY STRICKEN, LACK-OF-SCRUPULES, excuse for a human. I feel for Regina Daniels who instead of being introduced to a PEN was handed an overgrown, wrinkled PENIS at such a tender age.” – Nigerian lady drags Regina Daniels’ mother to hell and back #viral


“Mama REGINA. A greedy piece of crap. A woman who should have been barren. A certified slut. A POVERTY STRICKEN, LACK-OF-SCRUPULES, excuse for a human. I feel for Regina Daniels who instead of being introduced to a PEN was handed an overgrown, wrinkled PENIS at such a tender age.” – Nigerian lady drags Regina Daniels’ mother to hell and back #viral

Another post comments comming from helen pius


I am not happy with you Regina.well itur let me mind my own business.and face my own career.goodluck to you Regina Daniels

Regina Daniels replies his father jude ojeogwu

Regina Daniels’ replies her father, Barrister Jude Ojeogwu

Newly married actress, Regina Daniels has finally spoken about her father, saying she knows who her real Daddy is and not one Barrister, Jude Ojeogwu.

“Every Dick and Harry claiming to be my father.. That is if i have one. Yo! I kmow who my father is..” Regina Daniels wrote on Social media.

Meanwhile find below, an excerpt of Barr. Jude Ojeogwu’s interview with Vanguard, published yesterday, May 30.

In an exclusive chat with E-Daily, the actress’ father, Barrister Jude Ojeogwu revealed how Regina and her two brothers, deceived him into believing that there was no romance between her and Ned Nwoko.

“I invited Regina to my house where I live in Lagos; (I can’t disclose the location of my house right now for security reasons); she came to my house with her siblings (Lawrence and Samuel Ojeogwu) and I asked her if all I’ve been hearing is true because I wanted to know what was actually going on. She ‘Daddy, nothing is going on.’ I asked my first son, her brother, Lawrence Ojeogwu, the same question and he also said nothing was going on. I then asked my other son, Samuel, the same question, he too said the same thing, ‘Daddy nothing is going on’. I said okay, should we now say all that I’ve been hearing and seeing is more like a movie? And they said ‘Yes’.

However, I advised that if she wants to get married to an old man, she (Regina) should not forget that very soon she (Regina Daniels) would become a widow. But that if she is getting married to a man like her age mate, of the cause, becoming a widow would be far from her (Regina Daniels). That was where we finished the discussion about her marriage. I went further to ask what was happening about her education because I used to visit her in her school, Igbinedion University. She said she has plans of travelling to Dubai for her studies. I asked her what was in Dubai if not Arabic; that she should be thinking of going to Havard or Oxford University”, he said.

He added that when videos of the actress’ initiation ceremony into ‘Otu Odu’ surfaced online and that of the traditional ceremony, he was forced to finally speak.”

Open letter to Regina Daniels from one of our fans

FB_IMG_1559294113289.jpgOpen letter to Regina!
From One of your concerned fans 🗣🗣

Dear Regina, at your age you were living so comfortable. Driving Rx 330, going to one of the best universities in Nigeria, at least you had a net worth of above 10million naira. I know 20% of Nigerian big boys are on your DM dashing you money and looking for your attention. You were at least featured on 50% of the new nollywood movies and you charged over 500k per movie. You were on the limelight and you had a big fan base. You were at the verge of getting anything you’d ever need. You didn’t even need a billionaire old man to survive because you already built your empire. You were literally considered as the Nigerian Kylie Jenner.
You are pretty and promising. You won many hearts that turned your fans. You were comfortable at your age!

But your problem is Greed, you didn’t want to manage the things you were getting from your talent, you needed too much money and many flirt of cars. You need many millions in your account. All those things you’re getting now both Benz and the rest, your talent and exposure could have gotten you more of that, it’s just a matter of time.
Trust me you didn’t have to jump into this Billionaire arms just to secure your bags and future when your bags were already secured long time ago.

If it was a total poor girl that took this decision it would have been better, but you already had almost everything you needed, why taking this decision? The Benz’s you’ve now will be outdated in years to come, your beauty won’t be there for so long, what’s the need of this kind of bad image and thoughts to your name.

Seriously I’m so much disappointd in U as much as many of your other fans.

Imagine you getting married to a young Guy. Handsome Gee. Someone you can proudly Flaunt without the hide and seek games. Someone you can be so much truly in love with and someone you’ll grow old with instead of someone you’ll watch grow older.

You made your choice and I wish you the best in it but you’ve really changed the mentality of most of our Nigerian girls that looked up to you.
You just made them believe they can do wrongs and justify it. You just made them believe so many things. You had people following your step. You’d have thought better before taking your actions.

Oga Ned, I congratulate you. This is also a motivation to us young guys to make money coz money answer all things. If you weren’t rich you’d have been considered as one of the evil uncles in the village and Regina wouldn’t even have stopped to greet you talk more of getting married to you. This is a big lesson to young guys to hustle hard and become rich!

You both have made your choices but we the fans are having mixed reactions about this and this is my opinion coz I couldn’t pretend anymore!

Before some of y’all will tell me to mind my business, Na my business be this 😣FB_IMG_1559294113289FB_IMG_1559294130206.jpg

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