A Nigerian man shots another Nigerian for not knowing where weed is sold

Nigerian man shoots compatriot dead in South Africa for not "knowing where weed is sold"

A Nigerian man has shot dead another Nigerian in South Africa For not knowing where weed is sold.

According to the report, a Nigerian man had walked to some Nigerians at a restaurant asking them where weed is purchased but he was told that they did not know — As they don’t smoke weed.

To the shock of everyone, the man asking for where to buy weed, pulled out a gun and shot Elochukwu on the head twice and drove off in a car parked down the street.

Prince Ben Okoli, the President of the Nigerian Citizens Association in South Africa (NICASA) in a letter revealed that Tony Elochukwu, a Nigerian from Nnobi, Anambra State, was shot dead by an unidentified gunman in South Africa.

In the letter addressed to the Consular-General, Nigerian Consulate in Johanesburg, the NICASA president lamented the death and incessant killings of Nigerians in South Africa, saying: “We received yet again the sad news of the death of another Nigerian in Witbank Mpumalanga province.

“Mr Tony Elochukwu from Nnobi Anambra State was shot twice in the head by an unidentified Nigerian gunman on April 24 at around 2:45 pm.”

“This looks like another case of Nigerian killing one another,” he said.

“This ugly trend of Nigerians killed by fellow Nigerians is on the increase and is disturbing to our community. NICASA is deeply worried over the death and continued killings of our citizens in South Africa. People are worried and scared since none of the perpetrators had been arrested or charged over it.

“The South African police must stop attempting to encourage this killing by lack of investigation and prosecution with aim of bringing to justice every criminal involved in these heinous crimes,” he said.


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